happilyeverhoopes: month 8

New year! Woo! We had so much fun for Christmas. The New Year always feels really fresh, and then a week later it's overwhelming. At least Hunter feels that way because school starts. Nothing too crazy happened this month, so here are some fun things we've done!

1) Found a new Korean BBQ place!
 We loveeee Asian food, and we really love Korean food. We found a new place called Gogi in Chandler. It was delicious and we were stuffed by the end of it. If you haven't ever tried Korean food, you need to go! I am happy to make recommendations :)

2) Went bowling at Fat Cats
On one of the Saturday's we decided to go bowling! We actually like going bowling, and I specifically like it because I win a lot ;) I won again, and we had a lot of fun!

3) Made fresh-squeezed orange juice
This was so fun! We have a little tree right in front of our house, it was full and happy, so we decided to pick a few and make orange juice before church one day. It was delicious! It took a bunch of oranges to make 2 glasses, but it was sooo sweet, and pure tasting. We had a lot of fun using our juicer we got for our wedding!

And honestly, that was about it! We had a quiet month. Hunter started school again and he has a tough semester ahead, so that'll be fun. :)