happilyeverhoopes: month 5, 6, 7

Seriously, friends. I don't even know where time goes!
I totally spaced on doing an update last month, and here we are in JANUARY!

This will be a little bit longer than usual, since I'm smooshing two THREE months into one!


My first camping trip
We went up to Payson for a night! I was a little nervous because I've never been a super outdoorsy person, but it was a blast. Hunt did a wonderful job planning it! I was so impressed, I didn't have to do anything but enjoy myself. We had a fire, hot cocoa, lots of snacks, we fished the next morning, it was a blast. I definitely caught the first fish, and more fish than Hunter, so I'm basically a pro. I actually really loved being away from everything and everyone, with no phone service. It was a bit cold (around 50-60 degrees) but when it warms up, we'll definitely go again!

Played mom and dad for a week
Hunter's aunt and uncle went on a cruise, and asked us to help watch the kiddos at time! They had someone to do the morning/day shift, and we'd come over from 4pm-8am. It was a blast, but so crazy. Going from being responsible for 2 people to SIX, is insane. 4 kids!! It showed us that we are definitely not ready to be parents yet. We had a lot of fun though! It's just a tough job. Luckily, we won't go from zero kids to four... Although we did watch a set of twins.

Woo! We found out super lat minute that Jimmy Eat World was coming to AZ for their album release. WE quickly bought tickets and went. IT was a super short performance, followed by a signing.

Pumpkin Patch Pics
We went to Vertuccio farms for a photoshoot swap. hunter was a great sport about it! The weather was nice and I loveeee my new Flybird dress.

First Married Halloween
We dressed up as a hunter and his deer (or dear) ;) We had a Hoopes family Halloween party that was a lot of fun. It's always great to see the little ones having a blast. The food was great, as was the company. My BIL and SIL came to town for it too. We even watched a scary movie (which aren't my favorite thing in the world) but I enjoyed it!


ASU Game
We finally made it to one of the games. There were people falling from the sky (literally). There was a weird couple in front of us who couldn't keep their hands off of each other, which made us laugh/creeped us out. We didn't stay for long, but we still checked it off of our list. It was really weird having to buy a guest pass, because #alumni

House Updates
Update the bathroom! Really simple, but we took out this built in thing that was above our toilet and put in some shelves. Hunter did it all, and we admire it every time we see it!

My sister came into town with my BIL and 2 nephews. They stayed with us, which was crazy since our place isn't huge! It was a tight squeeze, but I loved having them there. WE had a Gilmore Girls year in the life party, it was a blast!

Ghetto-fab Christmas Photos
We took some Christmas card photos in a Family Dollar parking lot. They actually turned out alright! Hunter's been such a champ with it all. Super encouraging and wonderful with the insane amount of pictures I take.


Christmas Tree
Hunter insisted on a real Christmas tree this year! We went to a little place on the side of the road and picked up a 6-footer. It made our house smell amazing! I really wanted a silver and gold tree, and had to go to 2 different Hobby Lobby's, 1 Michael's, and 2 different Targets to find what I needed! Christmas is crazy, people. Next year, I'm seriously going to start buying stuff in October.
Marcelo + Project Santa
Long story short, we wanted to give back this month for the LDS Church's #lighttheworld campaign! We flew our Brazilian friend up here to bring nice clothes back for the people in Brazil! It was such a crazy, fun weekend! We were blown away with all the donations we received in such a short amount of time. We went to Deseret Book, Mod Pizza, Frost Gelato, Si Senor, ASU, saw the Mesa temple lights, attended church, built gingerbread houses, played Cranium, and ate REAL acai. It was a blast and we were so sad when Marcelo left.
For my nephews birthday, we drove to Maricopa because we bought Groupons! It was actually really fun. We played arcade games, laser tag, and watched a movie, all for 10 bucks! Maricopa is an odd town, but we'd definitely go back again.
We drove to California a few days before Christmas to spend some time with family. We played with our two cute nephews, decorated cookies, drank yummy hot cocoa, exchanged gifts, watched cheesy Hallmark movies, and took family pictures. It was crazy foggy, but we made it there and back safely. 1.5 days is just not enough time!

Hunter's family always does a huge Swedish Christmas Eve! We have delicious food and great company. :) Since it was rainy that day, we moved it to a church building. It was actually really nice and a lot of fun! 40+ people is a ton! I was stuffed and happy. We woke up Christmas morning around 7 and got to Hunter's parent's house  a little before 8. Santa stopped by and spoiled us rotten! We are so lucky. We skyped sweet Connor who is on his mission in Argentina! We had left over Swedish breakfast, went to church, and relaxed the rest of the day. It was a great Christmas! 

I'm feelin' 23
Can't believe I'm 23! Time is flying. After 20, it seems like it's been a few months, but it's been a few years! Hunter surprised me with the sweetest patio-garden, with beautiful flowers! I thought it was so thoughtful. We went to breakfast with his family, which was delicious. We went shopping, opened more presents, saw Passengers, and then went out to a Brazilians steakhouse for dinner. It was a wonderful birthday spent with my sweet husband who always makes sure I am spoiled, fat, and happy!
New Years
Pretty chill night! We ate yummy food, hung out with family, lit some sparklers, stopped by the youth dance, and then closed the night  off spending time together at our little home. A perfectly relaxed and wonderful New Year!

I'll eventually go back and add pictures, but just wanted to post it because helloooo, 3 months late. Exciting and fun stuff coming up soon. Stay tuned! <3