Posey and Pence

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I actually already have this dress and I'm obsessed!!
Love this color and style! 
I'm really into florals right now
I think this is a really cute, every day dress! 
This one screams Christmas to me! I wantttttt!

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love always,
erica kay


#happilyeverhoopes: month 4

4 months! I honestly can't remember life not being married to Hunter. It seems like a lifetime ago! We have our own little routines, and I can't even remember what it's like not to be Hunter's wife. 

-Went to California
Hunter is pretty much the sweetest. I was planning on going to a Luke Bryan concert with my sister last year. I didn't end up getting to go, so we planned to go this year. Hunter HATES country, but said he didn't mind coming along and hanging out and doing homework. Well long story short, I ended up getting asked to speak at stake conference that same weekend, so our schedule looked like this:
Friday: Left to California at 6am
Saturday: Ate lunch with my sister and brother-in-law, then left for the concert around 4pm, got back from the concert around 11pm, drove home at midnight
Sunday: Arrived home at 5am, stake conference at 10am

Such a crazy, fast weekend but so worth it. Seeing Luke Bryan was amazing. Seeing Hunter with our little nephews was amazing. And stake conference was amazing!

So far away from Luke Bryan! :(
Pre-stake conference picture 
Hunter with little Clark! 
Baby Case!

 -Went to the Gym... TWICE
We are trying to avoid gaining a million pounds due to getting married, but it just like happens. We're busy, we pick up food on the way home, we like our Soda Shop and desserts. so we signed up for LA fitness, and went twice. Two times. In a whole month. We fail. We're hopping back on that gym train this month though (hopefully). It's just hard with our crazy busy schedules 

-Date Nights & Other Random Stuff
We had a date at Olive Garden, ate Cafe Rio a few times, walked in the rain, watched general conference together, got to season 5 of Grey's Anatomy, finally at at Snooze together, and had Hunter's family for dinner. Our house is almost fully decorated for fall, and I love it! 

Month 4 didn't have too many crazy things happening, but I still loved every minute of it. I am completely happy just watching Netflix with Hunter and eating junk food. Marriage is awesome and I love spending every day of my life with Hunter. :)