#happilyeverhoopes: month 2

I can't even believe it's already been TWO months since Hunter and I got married. It has flown by so fast, but I love each and every day! This month has been a lot less action-packed and exciting... Adulting is not my favorite. We've both been working a TON, and Hunter's been working nights, soooo boo. We did have a great month filled with treats, laughter, and love (like always). Now that we're married, it's hard to remember what life was like before! We have little routines that I love. We have our sweet home (that actually feels like home now). Hunter is constantly making me laugh with his silliness, and being able to tell him anything and have him comfort me is the best. This month, Hunt has truly been my support system! He always pushes me to do what I love, believe in myself, and follow any and all dreams that I have. I absolutely adore him for being the other half I need during moments of confusion/doubt.  Month 2 has rocked, and I'm going to enjoy the heck out of month 3. School starts for Hunter, and it's just going to get crazy! Here's a recap of our month:

Month 2

-Hunter's birthday!
I love love loveeee Hunter's birthday. It's the day my favorite person was born! I love being able to celebrate that and spoil him like no other ;) Hunter is such an easy going, un-needy person, so it's fun to be able to plan surprises and get presents for him. The day started off with breakfast in bed. I was up at 6am completely destroying the kitchen,and Hunter didn't even notice. I was shocked. Every time I cook it looks like a tornado came through the house. I wish I was joking but I'm not. I'll have to take a picture next time for proof. He loved breakfast and after that I had him open gifts! For lunch we went to his favorite restaurant, Fogo de Chao. I love seeing him light up when he talks about his mission! We had dinner at his parents house, which was yummy. We ate the cake I made him, a three layer Lemon Blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting. It was actually really good, super dense, but still yummy. It was a very fun and eventful day! I love seeing Hunter so happy. One of his presents from all of us was a 3 week painting workshop in Scottsdale. He seems to love it so far! I love seeing Hunter's creative side. He is so passionate and excited about it, it makes me sooo happy.

That following Saturday, we decided to drive up north, find a cool spot for Hunter to paint a landscape, and I would take pictures to get some more practice in. We ended up driving for a little over an hour, and found some random desert area. We literally set up our tent, and his easel, and hung out. It was fun at first, and then it started to get windy + suuuuper hot. Hunter ended up hating his painting, and I was too exhausted to even pull out my camera. #fail. It was still fun, and we finally used our tent that we got for our wedding! Next time, we will have to go north a bit more so it's not as hot!

Yeaaaah, not fun, Bills, groceries, working... gross. We had to replace 3 of Hunter's tires last week! Even though being a "real" adult stinks, I'm so glad to experience it all with my best friend. I love planning our week/month together on our color-coordinated calendar ;) Hunter has had a crazy schedule, so we've been having to plan time together (staying up late, waking up extra early, lunch in the middle of the day) but we made it work! I'm hoping he can start working more daytime shifts with school starting up soon.

-Church Talks/Callings
We gave our first talks in our family ward in the middle of July! They actually went really well. The next week we were called to teach the 12-13 year olds! We had our first lesson and it was good! We are SO excited to get to teach the youth together. I love hearing Hunter talk about the gospel. It's also fun to lean and re-learn basic gospel principles. I hope that we can teach these kids just ONE thing that can help them with their journey! I also may already be buying stuff and prepping for our lesson on Sunday. This was the PERFECT calling for us!

-Wedding Video
We got out wedding video back, and we love it! It captures our day perfectly. I wish I could relive our wedding over and over, but being married to him and all of our adventures are pretty cool too ;) Check out our video here!

Well, that's it for this month!
Hopefully this next month brings lots of happiness, fun, and not-so-hot weather.

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