Bridal Shower

I absolutely LOVED my bridal shower. It was perfect in every way.
The decorations, the people, the food, the weather! It was just wonderful.
I can't even believe it's been over a month since then.
Or that we get married in TWO weeks.
Time is seriously just flying by!

I really just wanted to post about how amazing everything was, so I can brag about how awesome my sister Monica, and future mother-in-law Camille are. They are the people you want planning your future events! ;) I seriously loved everything so much.

Plus, if you weren't able to come, it's almost like you were there if you read it;)


Horrible picture, but gorgeous invites from Zazzle!
Handmade floral wreath! 
Adorable sign found on Etsy
The sign-in table. I absolutely loved these advice cards. I will treasure these forever! 
B&W Canvas Prints + LOVE cups with babysbreath
We made the cups, and I think they turned out great! I loved them on the piano. 

A super cute banner my sister made! 
Favors! I saw something similar on Pinterest, but I added the flowers and cute veils. This was one of my favorite parts! I got the hand sanitizers at the Bath and Body Works outlet, so I got them for a great price! :)
Gift table, featuring the most adorable wedding countdown ever! My sister made it, I have one thing to open every day leading up to the wedding starting with ten days before! It's killing me not to open it right now... This picture is like right as the shower was starting. By the middle of it, I couldn't even believe how many gifts there were. You are all too kind and generous! I don't deserve you guys in my life:)

An amazing pallet board! Jonathan and Carson took it apart and put it back together. Camille sanded it and sealed it. It looked amazing, and we are definitely using it for the wedding! I didn't get a picture of it, but there were fresh green wreath types of things at the top! 
 The centerpieces were simple and perfect! Mason jars with burlap and lace around it, babysbreath, and our engagement pictures.

There were also white and purple hanging lanterns in the trees. It looked absolutely perfect!


We were going for a brunch type of theme. I love breakfast foods more than anything, so I wanted there to be some yummy treats, plus some lunchy items. 

Donut holes on skewers!
Homemade blueberry and banana muffins made by my sister!
 Seriously they were the best muffins ever.
(P.S. Don't you love the gorgeous fresh purple tulips?1)
An assortment of bagels and cream cheese
Sandwich and wrap tray
And for dessert, delicious HOMEMADE fruit tarts made by Camille. They were absolutely perfect. Sweet, and flakey, and fresh. She was so sweet to make them, they are one of my favorite desserts. Aren't they gorgeous?! The cream and shells and everything are made from scratch! 
We also had a giant fruit salad (not pictured)
For drinks, we had orange juice, water, and lemonade in beverage dispensers.

We played a few games! 
-Toilet paper dress
-"Who Knows the Bride and Groom the Best?" questionnaire
-Bridal BINGO for the gifts//I always think this part is kind of awkward. We tried to make it less awkward by giving guests something to do while I opened gifts. I was still very awkward during this process, but hopefully people were a little distracted.
-Clothespin word game//I created this sign using PicMonkey. I love how it came out! It would look perfect in an 8X10 frame too!

And that just about wraps it up!
It was the perfect day, and I'm so grateful to everyone who came <3 
Oh and here's a picture of the sweet man who is making me a bride! :)
I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.
Once again, thank you to Monica and Camille for throwing me the best shower!
And for those who came, I love you all!

love always,
erica kay