To My Valentine

My sweet Valentine,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend. Thank you for the flowers, and chocolates, and sweet card. Thank you for lunch, and dinner, and dessert. I feel so lucky to be YOUR Valentine. Every day, I just can’t believe that I get to keep you for eternity. I can’t believe that in a little over 100 days, I can call myself YOUR wife. I can’t believe how lucky I am to love you, and be loved in return. You complete me, as cheesy as that sounds. You complete me in every sense of the word. I’m so much better when I’m with you and around you. You complement me, and add to me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. I tell you everything, and you always listen. I feel like I can be 100% of myself with you, every second of the day. Even after being with you for DAYS at a time, I still miss you the moment you leave. You make my heart race with one look, one smile. I know it’s impossible to love anybody else the way I love you. You are patient and kind, even when I don’t deserve it. You know me better than anybody else on this earth. You can reassure my fears and worries like no one else can. You’ve seen me at my worst, but still choose to love me every day. I am eternally grateful for you, and for your love, and for all the sweet things you do for me. Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet Hunter. I love you so much!



Since it's already February, I thought I'd post a bit about some goals I have for this year. I wouldn't really call them "resolutions", just some things I would like to accomplish/improve!

1. Read 2 books a month.
So far I haven’t finished one book L It’s been a crazy month and a half, but I’m hoping for a little more down time this month. I’ve been reading The Holy Temple, but it’s one of those books you want to soak in the information, instead of getting through it quickly. I do have a few that I am dyingggg to read. I also read the Book of Mormon every day, but I don’t think that counts ;)

Here are a few books I’m hoping to read in the next little bit: See Me, Lean In, The Total Money Makeover

Have you read them? Do you have other suggestions? Comment below!

2. Learn how to use my camera!
I used my camera a few times last month, which made me super happy. I still have a project in the works that I’ve been using it for, but I also took pictures on Hunter’s one year, a few quick pictures of my sister, Super Bowl food, and some of Hunter's dogs ha. I love when you take a picture that you just adore! No wonder why photographers love their job so much.

3. Blog twice a month.
I wrote three times last month, and this is already my third this month, so I’m doing pretty good ;) Journaling on the other hand has taken a back seat...

4. Lose weight & get healthy
I’m trying really hard… I promise. I cut my mile time down, and burned 100 calories 7 minutes faster than I normally do on the treadmill. I've eaten clean for 2.5 days now (no soda, ice cream, chocolate, OR ANYTHING GOOD), and I'm down a few pounds. This is a difficult goal for me, but I'm trying to stay focused and motivated! Any tips would be GREAT.

I'm posting these goals so I can hold myself accountable. There's just something about goals being written down that make them more... real?

What are some goals you have for this year?


{February Favs}

1.       New Lens 
I can’t even get over how much I love this lens. One of my goals has been to use my camera more often, and I can’t even believe the difference this lens makes. It’s so fun to capture moments and not have them look grainy and gross. I’m still learning, so if you have any tips, videos, or even know someone who offers classes, LET ME KNOW! Here are some pics I took recently! (Hunter’s dogs make good models)

2.       Knit Scarf 
I’m pretty sad that it’s been 80+ degrees  this week. I LOVEEE scarves. I picked this one up at Target when it was on sale for 6 bucks! I love the deep red color, and it’s also not too thick, which I love. I’m obsessed and so sad that Spring/Summer is coming!

3.       Mio Energy 
These have been a life saver since school started. I am NOT a morning person, so these give me the right amount of energy to get through the day. You just open a water bottle, squeeze a few times (3 is the perfect amount for me), shake, and drink. They are delicious and pretty inexpensive. My favorites are Wicked Blue Citrus and Black Cherry. SO YUMMY! Hunter and I pretty much live off of these.

4.       Chatbooks 
I recently ordered one to give to Hunter for his one year home mark (January 31st) and two sets of our engagement photos. I was pretty sad because they were torn a little, and had dirty print marks on the back. I got a survey emailed to me, I gave them my feedback, and someone emailed me saying they would reprint at no charge! I was blown away by their amazing customer service and willingness to make it right. I was definitely skeptical about them after receiving the first few orders, but since then, I’ve had no problems. A company that offers customer service like that is definitely a winner in my book.

5.       Lash Extensions
These are my guilty pleasure. If you haven’t noticed, I’m Asian. I also have extremely thin, straight, and short eyelashes. These make the world of difference! They are pretty pricey, but I’m obsessed with them. Reiko, the owner of the entire salon, is SO nice. I originally found a Groupon and tried them out, and I’ve been going back ever since! I love waking up in the morning and not having to put on mascara. I can get ready 5 times faster, and I just feel more confident. (I know, I know, I shouldn’t need lash extensions to make me feel good, but it really does make a difference for someone who has short, straight lashes!) I have always been so jealous of girls who had naturally long lashes. I’ve tried serums and special types of eyelash curlers and mascara, and nothing works. I don’t get my eyelashes done as often as others do, but normally a couple times a year, and definitely for special occasions. If you’re looking for a Lash lady, check Hair Attractions out and let me know what you think.

Well, that wraps up my February favorites! Click here for January favorites. Let me know if you have any questions, and comment below with any of YOUR favorite things. J



I posted three times last month, so that’s cool. January has come and gone, 

 I love love love February. I just feel like after the December happiness ends, January is kind of a slump, and then February is so happy and full of love. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, even when I didn’t have a cute boy to snuggle with (but I definitely prefer the cute boy!). I’m totally one of those girls that loves flowers, and chocolate, and romantic dinner dates. Hunter and I only spent one Valentine’s Day apart while he was on his mission. I can’t even believe that we’ll have had two Valentine’s Days together since he’s been home, and STILL aren’t married yet! Ha. I know couples that have never spent a Valentine’s Day together before they are married…
Anyways, let’s recap January!

-I spent the first week of January in bed with some kind of infection/rash/hives breakout. I was pretty much drowsy ALL day due to medication. That was rough, but it already feels like that was forever ago! We did not party hard on NYE though. Sad.

-School started the second week of January. I’m only taking 2 classes, but I’m already behind. YIKES! I like my classes though, and only taking two is so wonderful. Hunter, on the other hand, is pretty much dying. He has 4 classes and 2 labs, and works full time at the hospital. I think he worked 22 hours in a 48 hour span a few weekends ago. I feel so bad for him, but he works so hard and I’m extremely proud of him! He is a genetic-engineering-something something something major (too complicated for me to remember) and he likes it so far! Sometimes I try to talk to him and snuggle while he’s studying and it’s not his favorite. Oops again. I already can’t wait to Spring Break when we can just spend  time together! Most Friday and Saturday nights Hunter is working and it is sad because I have every weekend off!

-On the 23rd, we went to a bridal convention in Phoenix. My sister and matron of honor ended up not coming to Phoenix (she lives in San Diego) so I asked begged and made Hunter come. It wasn’t too bad! We both got overwhelmed, but there were some yummy samples of food and cake, and we found some good vendors we want to work with, so it was successful! We are still hoping to win a honeymoon or something.

-January 31st marked a year since Hunter got back from his mission! We had a Brazilian churrasco to celebrate. It was really fun, and I really haven’t seen Hunter that happy in a long time! The food was amazing and we loved spending time together (as usual).


-I’m starting to use my camera more and it makes me happy! I’m definitely still learning, but it’s fun! I’m hoping that by the time we get married, we’ll have some awesome honeymoon pictures of the beach and scenery. We just booked a 7 day cruise to Mexico, and we are SOO excited. Hello snorkeling, zip lining, beaches, food, and swimming with dolphins!


-Lastly, wedding planning is in full swing and takes up the moments where I’m not at work, school, eating, sleeping, etc. There is still so much to do, and emailing a million and a half vendors is not my favorite thing to do. I love being able to check another thing off my extremely long list! I’m really am so happy I get to plan the beginning of my eternity with Hunter! I just try to remember that when I get overwhelmed. He really is the best at helping me when I'm stressed and crazy.

Well, that’s a really long update for you.

In a few days, I will FINALLLLY blog about our engagement story/France. (I know, I know, it’s been like 4 months, old news, but still! I want a post to go back to later on! Stay tuned!)