Here a few of my favorite things!

 {January 2016} 

This machine seriously changed my life. Thanks to sweet Hunter who bought me it for my 22nd birthday. It seriously does EVERYTHING. I've been making cards, and putting vinyl on anything and everything I can get my hands on. I found this key holder at TJ Maxx for five bucks! SCORE. I added the "Keys" and the golden key at the bottom. It came with the adorable buttons, and I added the cute arrow push pins I got for Christmas. I'm basically obsessed (with the machine +  this board).
I have a fun project up my sleeve that I can't wait to share! :)

2.  Book
I was tearing apart my closet trying to find silver glitter, and I saw this book on my bookshelf. I fell in love with it all over again! It's MAGICAL. Seriously so gorgeous. It makes a great gift for any little book lovers you know!

This show totally freaks me out, but I'm OBSESSED. I have to look away when there are needles, blood, surgeries, etc. (which is a lot of the show) but whatever. I love it! It's so interesting to me, although Hunter says half the stuff isn't realistic. Oh well! It makes for a great show ;)

The BESSSST shirt ever. It's seriously so soft, and SO cute. 
Currently dying over it (trying not to wear it every day of my life.)
PC: @FlybirdApparel

5. Shutterfly//Our Engagement Pictures
Okay. I'm obsessed with our engagement pictures. I'm refraining from posting them all over the internet, but I loveeeee them. Our photographer is AMAZING! Shutterfly was offering an amazing deal (plus I used some additional codes) and got 50 prints, a 12 month calendar, a HUGE magnet, and a couple address labels for FREE. I just paid shipping. I finally got it all and I can't stop staring. The quality is awesome, and I am just super happy with it all!



I have had THE most amazing weekend filled with so much spiritual goodness. Yesterday Hunter and I went to a devotional with Elder Bednar (a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles). It was a Q&A session, where we were allowed to ask him any question we'd like! It felt very intimate (probably because we were in the 7th row), but I LOVEDDDDD it.

Have you ever felt like your heart was so full it could burst? I felt so spiritually uplifted and happy that my chest felt tight in the best way possible. In the past, probably year or so, I've felt my heart so full it could burst only 4 times.

1. The day Hunter returned home from his mission.
2. The day I was baptized. (I only have a post from 6 months, so that'll have to do).
3. The day Hunter proposed.
4. Last night.

That's how amazing it was! I couldn't help but nod in agreement with everything this amazing man was saying. I took pretty extensive notes because I knew I'd want to reference back to it. I wanted to share just a couple things that stuck out to me. Hopefully, if you weren't there, you can get just a small glimpse of how amazing the Apostles are!

1. We need to act, and not just be acted upon. 
I love this because it goes right along with our agency. We should not wait around for spiritual answers to come. Be an agent, and ask questions. Ask Heavenly Father what you want to know. The Holy Spirit will provide individualized instruction, but you have to be willing to 1. Ask the questions. 2. Follow your answers. As sons and daughters of God, we have the right to ask for those powers from heaven. Don't be afraid to!

2. Church callings and service should never get "easier".
This one totally surprised me! He talked about how being an Apostle never gets easier. If you realize the magnitude of your callings and responsibilities you will only get MORE overwhelmed, and more blown away with what you've been entrusted to do by our God.

3. Strengthen your relationship with our Savior by serving ONE by ONE. 
How can we know the Master, if we don't serve him first? Elder Bednar spoke about how the job of the Apostles is to help this church, one person at a time. They are on the Lord's errand EVERY SINGLE DAY. If we can follow the commandment to serve others, we will more closely be able to understand the Savior, which will only strengthen our relationship with Him.

4. Simplicity of the gospel penetrates all.
He said to memorize the 13 Articles of Faith, and to make note of the order that they are in, and what they really mean. The gospel is simple. Sure, there are lots of things that we'd like to know, but by focusing on what really matters, and what this church believes in, we can be a light in the midst of darkness. We need to study, ponder, and pray, and give the Holy Ghost something to work with. Be in a holy place, so that you can be taught and helped!

5.  The Lord knows how to help us.
I really loved this one. For some reason, I had never thought about this before: Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ KNOW what we need. They know what we need even before we know what we need. Not only do they know, but they also are ABLE to assist us with what we need. In my notes next to this one, I wrote: "How amazing is that?" We can be strengthened by Christ and through his Atonement, but we HAVE to do our part too.

6.  "Be good, don't worry about it!"
This remark was in response to the question, "How do we know if an answer we get is from our minds, or from God?". Elder Bednar's blunt response? "Be good, don't worry about it." We need to trust in the Lord and trust in his plan for us. The source of the answer isn't as important as actually following the answer. Ten years down the road, you might find out that the specific answer you received was from the Lord, but you also might now. If you are doing good things, and making righteous choices, you will be blessed. You will be helped. You will be guided. The Spirit can't help someone who won't listen though. You might not know at the time, but be worthy, do you best because that is ENOUGH. Sometimes we don't know when something is divine inspiration, but we can be assured that we will never be left hanging. Our wonderful, perfect, all-knowing Heavenly Father and Savior will ALWAYS be there.

There are sooo many other things that I learned and loved, but those are six points that really hit me hard. I love this church. I love our Apostles. I love my Heavenly Father, my perfect Savior, and the Holy Spirit that helps me.

Today also marks 8 months since I got baptized. I wore the dress I wore at my baptism and it brought back so many happy memories. I am astounded by how much I've learned and grown and how much I still have to do! I am so grateful for that decision, and every single day since then I've felt God's love more and more.

Also, last thing. Hunter and I started reading the Book of Mormon together on January 1st. We plan on finishing before we get married, so every night, we read a couple chapters together. Last nights reading? 2 Nephi 2. In verse 26 it says: "to act for themselves and not to be acted upon..." While we were reading, I felt God's love for me. I know that He is real and aware of every single one of us. I felt so comforted. What are the chances that the exact chapter we read last night was exactly what Elder Bednar spoke about? I know that it was NOT a coincidence. We made a righteous choice to go see Elder Bednar, and we were shown Heavenly Father's love because of it.

This church is true. 



I haven't written a post since November?!
Seriously, where does time go?

Well, hello. I'm back :)
This year, I want to blog a lot more! This year is going to be pretty exciting, so I want to be able to look back on all the fun memories.

Here's a recap of life as of lately:
-My cute nephew turned one, and we went to Cali for his birthday party
-I finished another semester of school
-My internship got extended until the end of April (yay for being employed)
-We took our engagement pictures and I LOVE them
-I found my dress (phew, finally!)
-Christmas was wonderful
-I turned 22 and finally got to spend a birthday with Hunter
-We are 140 days away from being sealed, and wedding planning is in full swing!
-Hunter and I went hiking for the first time in our entire relationship
-School started back up again and I am now 116 days away from GRADUATING!

I also realized that I haven't posted about Hunter proposing yet... OOPS. 
I'll do that soon too!