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I actually already have this dress and I'm obsessed!!
Love this color and style! 
I'm really into florals right now
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love always,
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#happilyeverhoopes: month 4

4 months! I honestly can't remember life not being married to Hunter. It seems like a lifetime ago! We have our own little routines, and I can't even remember what it's like not to be Hunter's wife. 

-Went to California
Hunter is pretty much the sweetest. I was planning on going to a Luke Bryan concert with my sister last year. I didn't end up getting to go, so we planned to go this year. Hunter HATES country, but said he didn't mind coming along and hanging out and doing homework. Well long story short, I ended up getting asked to speak at stake conference that same weekend, so our schedule looked like this:
Friday: Left to California at 6am
Saturday: Ate lunch with my sister and brother-in-law, then left for the concert around 4pm, got back from the concert around 11pm, drove home at midnight
Sunday: Arrived home at 5am, stake conference at 10am

Such a crazy, fast weekend but so worth it. Seeing Luke Bryan was amazing. Seeing Hunter with our little nephews was amazing. And stake conference was amazing!

So far away from Luke Bryan! :(
Pre-stake conference picture 
Hunter with little Clark! 
Baby Case!

 -Went to the Gym... TWICE
We are trying to avoid gaining a million pounds due to getting married, but it just like happens. We're busy, we pick up food on the way home, we like our Soda Shop and desserts. so we signed up for LA fitness, and went twice. Two times. In a whole month. We fail. We're hopping back on that gym train this month though (hopefully). It's just hard with our crazy busy schedules 

-Date Nights & Other Random Stuff
We had a date at Olive Garden, ate Cafe Rio a few times, walked in the rain, watched general conference together, got to season 5 of Grey's Anatomy, finally at at Snooze together, and had Hunter's family for dinner. Our house is almost fully decorated for fall, and I love it! 

Month 4 didn't have too many crazy things happening, but I still loved every minute of it. I am completely happy just watching Netflix with Hunter and eating junk food. Marriage is awesome and I love spending every day of my life with Hunter. :)


#happilyeverhoopes: month 3

It's already been 3 months, but it also feels like it's been 3 years! I can't even imagine life without being married to Hunter. It is so much fun, lots of work, and the best thing EVER. We are finally settling into our routines, and I love it! This month flew by, but we did have a few memorable moments.

-Allergic reaction at Bri's wedding
So my lovely friend Bri got married. I've been so excited for this wedding because it's been a long time coming + Bri is the best. The sealing was so beautiful, and the reception was gorgeous. Halfway through the reception, my top lip started feeling weird and tingly. Within 5 minutes, it was huge! I was having some crazy allergic reaction. We drove to the nearest drug store, I took some Benadryl, and the swelling started to go down. It was pretty hilarious, and the rest of the night people just kept saying lots of people pay for lip injections like that ;)

-Cheese dates
We loveee our cheese. We got this fancy cheese tray with cute knives and forks from the wedding! We put it to use a few times this month. We also returned our SECOND ottoman, so here's a picture of a pretty crate we used as a coffee table. Update: we found the perfect ottoman. Third times the charm!

-Decorating like maddd
I have also been decorating our place and loving it. It's finally starting to feel like home! I love finding the perfect piece for a specific area in our home. I get so excited! My amazingly talented sister-in-law has an Etsy store. That gorgeous underwater creatures print on the left is a print I bought from her shop. Go check more of her work here! :)

-Hunter started school
The start of another school year for sweet Hunter! He has about a year left, and then it's on to medical school. It's crazy! It's also really odd that I didn't start school... I miss it sometimes, and then I remember that I don't have homework or tests, and then I feel better ;) We had a little back to school breakfast, Hunt really liked it. :) Now our spare time is spent chillin' on the couch while I watch Grey's Anatomy, and Hunter does homework. #adultingrealhard

  -Had our first dinner guests
Our house has been a mess since we've moved in, so we haven't really had dinner guests over. We finally had guests over and fed the sister missionaries in our ward at the end of August! It was really fun, and made me want to invite guests over real soon. Anyone want free dinner?!

-Went to Utah

Our lovely friend Alex got married to his sweet girl Heather! We flew up to Utah and it was a blast. We got to spend some time with family up there, and also got to support Alex! The reception was beautiful and the food was amazing. I was also dying over the weather. And no allergic reactions, so I'm 1 for 2 now this fall. I also met such nice people, who also had excellent fashion sense. ;) Sadly we didn't get a picture with the bride and groom

 Overall, it was such a good, busy month! Lots of change going on, but I love it. We're growing up and growing together, and that's the best thing I could ask for. :) Here's to month 4!


#happilyeverhoopes: month 2

I can't even believe it's already been TWO months since Hunter and I got married. It has flown by so fast, but I love each and every day! This month has been a lot less action-packed and exciting... Adulting is not my favorite. We've both been working a TON, and Hunter's been working nights, soooo boo. We did have a great month filled with treats, laughter, and love (like always). Now that we're married, it's hard to remember what life was like before! We have little routines that I love. We have our sweet home (that actually feels like home now). Hunter is constantly making me laugh with his silliness, and being able to tell him anything and have him comfort me is the best. This month, Hunt has truly been my support system! He always pushes me to do what I love, believe in myself, and follow any and all dreams that I have. I absolutely adore him for being the other half I need during moments of confusion/doubt.  Month 2 has rocked, and I'm going to enjoy the heck out of month 3. School starts for Hunter, and it's just going to get crazy! Here's a recap of our month:

Month 2

-Hunter's birthday!
I love love loveeee Hunter's birthday. It's the day my favorite person was born! I love being able to celebrate that and spoil him like no other ;) Hunter is such an easy going, un-needy person, so it's fun to be able to plan surprises and get presents for him. The day started off with breakfast in bed. I was up at 6am completely destroying the kitchen,and Hunter didn't even notice. I was shocked. Every time I cook it looks like a tornado came through the house. I wish I was joking but I'm not. I'll have to take a picture next time for proof. He loved breakfast and after that I had him open gifts! For lunch we went to his favorite restaurant, Fogo de Chao. I love seeing him light up when he talks about his mission! We had dinner at his parents house, which was yummy. We ate the cake I made him, a three layer Lemon Blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting. It was actually really good, super dense, but still yummy. It was a very fun and eventful day! I love seeing Hunter so happy. One of his presents from all of us was a 3 week painting workshop in Scottsdale. He seems to love it so far! I love seeing Hunter's creative side. He is so passionate and excited about it, it makes me sooo happy.

That following Saturday, we decided to drive up north, find a cool spot for Hunter to paint a landscape, and I would take pictures to get some more practice in. We ended up driving for a little over an hour, and found some random desert area. We literally set up our tent, and his easel, and hung out. It was fun at first, and then it started to get windy + suuuuper hot. Hunter ended up hating his painting, and I was too exhausted to even pull out my camera. #fail. It was still fun, and we finally used our tent that we got for our wedding! Next time, we will have to go north a bit more so it's not as hot!

Yeaaaah, not fun, Bills, groceries, working... gross. We had to replace 3 of Hunter's tires last week! Even though being a "real" adult stinks, I'm so glad to experience it all with my best friend. I love planning our week/month together on our color-coordinated calendar ;) Hunter has had a crazy schedule, so we've been having to plan time together (staying up late, waking up extra early, lunch in the middle of the day) but we made it work! I'm hoping he can start working more daytime shifts with school starting up soon.

-Church Talks/Callings
We gave our first talks in our family ward in the middle of July! They actually went really well. The next week we were called to teach the 12-13 year olds! We had our first lesson and it was good! We are SO excited to get to teach the youth together. I love hearing Hunter talk about the gospel. It's also fun to lean and re-learn basic gospel principles. I hope that we can teach these kids just ONE thing that can help them with their journey! I also may already be buying stuff and prepping for our lesson on Sunday. This was the PERFECT calling for us!

-Wedding Video
We got out wedding video back, and we love it! It captures our day perfectly. I wish I could relive our wedding over and over, but being married to him and all of our adventures are pretty cool too ;) Check out our video here!

Well, that's it for this month!
Hopefully this next month brings lots of happiness, fun, and not-so-hot weather.

{You can check out month 1 here}


#happilyeverhoopes: month 1

Hello, hello again!

It's been a good while since I've posted. Life has finally started to settle down! Getting married has been wonderfully exciting, exhausting, and amazing, but you definitely don't have a lot of time for blogging;)

I will be posting about our wonderful wedding day WITH lots of pictures, but in the meantime, I am doing a little series called #happilyeverhoopes. Each month I'll write a post about what we've been up to, challenges we may face, and happy moments we want to share. I think it's important to keep our friends, family, and loved ones updated! We don't want to fall off the face of the earth just because we are married now.

 I've had a lot of comments (positive and negative) about posting a million pictures, but for me, it's just a way to stay connected with friends and family. If you don't like it, don't follow;) This blog, and my other social media outlets are ways for me to share and look back on our memories. If you know me well enough, you know I'm an avid journaler. I loveee journaling, but the past year has made it difficult for me to keep track of all these moments and memories because I've just had so much going on. I am grateful for Instagram, and Facebook, and this blog which allows me to look back and remember those fun times!

Anyways, I really want to remember this first year of marriage. All of the ups and downs! So hence, the #happilyeverhoopes series was born. Every third of the month, come back here to get an inside scoop of the exciting Hoopes life! ;)
Also check out that hashtag on Instagram for pictures. 

Well, here we go!

Month 1:
Pretty much the best, and craziest month of my life! I have loved every minute of it. There definitely has been ups and downs, but I truly am just beginning to understand the blessing that is marriage. One of Heavenly Father's greatest gifts to us is marriage and family. I grew up with a different view of family, but now I can say I truly understand the purpose. I have laughed more, smiled more, and been genuinely happy more than I can ever remember. I love these adventures with my best friend!

Here's a little bit about our month.
  • We got married. DUH. It was truly the most magical day EVER! It was extremely hot (115 degrees...) but it was still so much fun. We loved spending time with our friends and family. I can honestly say everything went according to plan. The only thing I would've changed is the weather. 8 months of work amounted to such a perfect day for us!
  • 7 days in cruising in Mexico: We absolutely LOVED our cruise. We recommend it for honeymoons, family vacations, everything! I will probably post all about it one of these days because it was just that amazing. Unlimited food (good food at that, like lobster tail and creme brulee), zip lining, boat rides, shopping, swimming with dolphins, room service, shows... it was just wonderful! We are wanting to do a cruise to Alaska next with some sort of fishing excursion. If you have recommendations, let us know! :)
  • 5 days in Washington: Hunter's mom's side of the family had their family reunion. They have one every two years, and this one was held in Washington. It was sooo much fun. The weather was perfect, and it was great to meet and spend time with my newly-inherited family. We went shooting, picked fresh raspberries, ate at an adorable cafe, played outside and spent time outside without melting, toured the places Camille grew up, played games, ate yummy food, and just enjoyed every second of our vacation, because who knows when I'll have enough time off for another one...
  • Broke my Target spending record. Yup, didn't think it would ever be done, but we spent well over 400 dollars multiple times this month. Thanks to gift cards, not a penny out of pocket (Thank you SO much to everyone for the amazing gifts and gift cards. We are so blessed! Thank you cards are coming your way!)
  • Started doing companionship inventory. We set aside one day during the week where we have a little "meeting". We talk about things we appreciate about the other person, things we can improve on, fun plans for the week, house projects we need to work on, etc. We've done it twice now and I love it! We always have a treat afterwards. If you're constantly communicating, we find that there are a lot less issues in the future! If you want more information on this, let me know. I definitely recommend it for newlyweds, or if you've been married for years.
  • Unpacked a million boxes & set up our home. Seriously, how did I accumulate so much stuff?! We are STILL unpacking my things. I'm about ready to throw everything away...  The unpacking isn't fun, but we are obsessed with our place. It's exactly what we need, and we love having something we can call "ours". Decorating and getting to pick furniture we love is so fun. Coming home to each other might just be one of our favorite things in the world. Once again, a blog post to come. I want to do a mini-home tour, and get input on what we can add to make it even better!
And that has been our month! I love those moments where something silly/funny happens and we both just crack up. We had lots of those times. I really can't wait to see what month 2 will bring. Hunter's birthday is coming up and I have a few surprises up my sleeve! ;)

love always,
erica kay


Bridal Shower

I absolutely LOVED my bridal shower. It was perfect in every way.
The decorations, the people, the food, the weather! It was just wonderful.
I can't even believe it's been over a month since then.
Or that we get married in TWO weeks.
Time is seriously just flying by!

I really just wanted to post about how amazing everything was, so I can brag about how awesome my sister Monica, and future mother-in-law Camille are. They are the people you want planning your future events! ;) I seriously loved everything so much.

Plus, if you weren't able to come, it's almost like you were there if you read it;)


Horrible picture, but gorgeous invites from Zazzle!
Handmade floral wreath! 
Adorable sign found on Etsy
The sign-in table. I absolutely loved these advice cards. I will treasure these forever! 
B&W Canvas Prints + LOVE cups with babysbreath
We made the cups, and I think they turned out great! I loved them on the piano. 

A super cute banner my sister made! 
Favors! I saw something similar on Pinterest, but I added the flowers and cute veils. This was one of my favorite parts! I got the hand sanitizers at the Bath and Body Works outlet, so I got them for a great price! :)
Gift table, featuring the most adorable wedding countdown ever! My sister made it, I have one thing to open every day leading up to the wedding starting with ten days before! It's killing me not to open it right now... This picture is like right as the shower was starting. By the middle of it, I couldn't even believe how many gifts there were. You are all too kind and generous! I don't deserve you guys in my life:)

An amazing pallet board! Jonathan and Carson took it apart and put it back together. Camille sanded it and sealed it. It looked amazing, and we are definitely using it for the wedding! I didn't get a picture of it, but there were fresh green wreath types of things at the top! 
 The centerpieces were simple and perfect! Mason jars with burlap and lace around it, babysbreath, and our engagement pictures.

There were also white and purple hanging lanterns in the trees. It looked absolutely perfect!


We were going for a brunch type of theme. I love breakfast foods more than anything, so I wanted there to be some yummy treats, plus some lunchy items. 

Donut holes on skewers!
Homemade blueberry and banana muffins made by my sister!
 Seriously they were the best muffins ever.
(P.S. Don't you love the gorgeous fresh purple tulips?1)
An assortment of bagels and cream cheese
Sandwich and wrap tray
And for dessert, delicious HOMEMADE fruit tarts made by Camille. They were absolutely perfect. Sweet, and flakey, and fresh. She was so sweet to make them, they are one of my favorite desserts. Aren't they gorgeous?! The cream and shells and everything are made from scratch! 
We also had a giant fruit salad (not pictured)
For drinks, we had orange juice, water, and lemonade in beverage dispensers.

We played a few games! 
-Toilet paper dress
-"Who Knows the Bride and Groom the Best?" questionnaire
-Bridal BINGO for the gifts//I always think this part is kind of awkward. We tried to make it less awkward by giving guests something to do while I opened gifts. I was still very awkward during this process, but hopefully people were a little distracted.
-Clothespin word game//I created this sign using PicMonkey. I love how it came out! It would look perfect in an 8X10 frame too!

And that just about wraps it up!
It was the perfect day, and I'm so grateful to everyone who came <3 
Oh and here's a picture of the sweet man who is making me a bride! :)
I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.
Once again, thank you to Monica and Camille for throwing me the best shower!
And for those who came, I love you all!

love always,
erica kay