Grateful + life updates

There are so many things to be grateful for, but I'm constantly thanking Heavenly Father for a super sweet and special guy in my life... :)

I'm grateful for a best friend who loves me unconditionally.
I'm grateful for a silly, goofy, punny man who makes me laugh.
I'm grateful for a righteous son of God who kneels in prayer with me daily.
I'm grateful for a helper who assists with anything and everything I need.
I'm grateful for a respectful, honest, loyal, SWEET boyfriend.
I'm grateful for you, Hunter Curtis Hoopes.
Today, tomorrow, and forever.

You're pretty great;)

Life has been AMAZING & I honestly couldn't be happier.
Here's a run down of life as of lately the past two months:
-Went to general conference in Utah and it was a BLAST (and so cold)
-LOTS of fro yo dates (seriously, like once a week)
-Weekly temple trips  (haven't missed a week since April!)
-Met an Apostle!!! (Elder Andersen)
-Sibling movie date to the The Longest Ride and Insurgent (soooo gooood)
-Got to see cute baby Clark a few times (he's just the cutest)
-Finished my junior year at ASU (senior, whatt whatt!)
-California trip (kayaking + San Diego temple + family)
-I started my summer internship in the HR department at Verizon Wireless (amazing)
-I got eyelash extensions (SO IN LOVE WITH THEM)
-I go to Washington tomorrow for a family trip! (wooo vacation!!)
-Oh, and I got baptized;) (there will be a separate post about that when I have time!)

Life is sooo good. I am so happy. Summer is fabulous.

The end :)