My Valentine

Having Hunter home is the BEST thing ever. I know I've said that a million times, but it's SO true. We are just so happy, I can't even handle it sometimes! I'll randomly look at Hunter and start crying because 1) I can't believe he's home and 2) He's the perfect person for me. We have so so much fun, but we also just connect. We talk about some pretty deep stuff, and I love it. Hunter keeps telling me that he has no idea how he's feeling until we talk and I ask him questions, and then all of his feelings/thoughts/doubts/fears just come pouring out. I like to call these "check-ins". They are great and super helpful. Laying on the trampoline in the backyard, snuggled up in a blanket, looking at the stars, and talking about life is my absolute favorite. 

I couldn't be more grateful for this sweet human.

Valentine's Day was an amazing day for us! We only had to spend one apart while Hunter was on his mission, and I am so grateful for that. Love Day is one of my favorite holidays, I just love how happy and loving everyone is. I also love cute V-Day crafts. (I'll blog about what I gave him for V-Day in another post!)

This year consisted of:
-Belgium waffles made by Camille (so gooood)
-A test at ASU (didn't go so well)
-Lunch at Olive Garden (Zuppa Toscana soup is the best)
-Slickables on Mill ($2 ICE CREAM SANDWICHES?!)
-Tempe Town Lake (our place)
-A chick flick (Hunter actually liked Safe Haven!)
-Lots and lots of snuggling (my favorite thing to do)

It was a day filled with so much love and happiness. 

Happy love day Valentine! I'm looking to many many more.


Home Sweet Home!

Wow. Just wow. Life has been so wonderfully crazy this past week!
 I thought I'd update any of you that are curious;)

Soo the week before Hunter got home I was SO sick. I missed work twice, and school once. I went through so many tissues, cough drops, and medications. I don't get sick very often, maybe once or twice a year, so it was very inconvenient timing to say the least, but I'm learning it was a blessing in disguise.

Because I was sick and extremely busy (I had a test that week), it never really hit me that Hunter was coming home until I was AT the airport waiting for him. I think about everything, overanalyze, and stress ALL THE TIME, so it was amazing that I didn't even have time to stop and think about what was going to happen. I never really got nervous, but was always excited. It's still insane to me that he's home after a long (but really short) 703 days.

My awesome sister filmed and took pictures for me, I'll try to upload that here eventually. We got to the airport at 11:30 and the flight landed at 12:10. Now that's pretty early, but his flight was almost an hour early! (When does that even happen?!) We were going to get our nails done but skipped it because we didn't have time. Anyways, his family started showing up and it was just sooo many people. All the kiddos are so cute and sweet, I love them. Random people looked at my poster and one lady asked me about it in the bathroom haha. It was fun!

Everyone started lining up close to his arrival time and someone said "I see Hunter!" Cue the tears. I hadn't really cried, but man, water works! Thennn it turned out to be a false alarm. It was someone else in a suit! Ha. We waited a few more minutes, and then the real Hunter showed up! Cue more tears. I was kind of freaked out and let him hug his wholeeeee family first. Then Hunter hugged me for .2 seconds and it was hilarious. His mom was like, "You can huggg herrrr!" But no, it was amazing. :) We hugged a few more times and talked, and he was handsome and sweet as ever. He got his luggage and they took him to get released, and then I went back over to their house at 5. I literally counted down the minutes and it felt like forever. Finally I got to go over there and realllly hug him! We sat and looked at the amazing mission scrapbook his mom made. I watched him play guitar again. We held hands and talked and everything was just perfect. I gave him his welcome home gift and he had a gift of his own for me... ;)

I've seen him every day since and we've LOVED being able to spend time with each other. He certainly has grown up a ton, and is so mature and sweet and loving. We are so happy! I've never felt more complete. I am so proud of Hunter for serving so honorably, but also for being my best friend and loving me always. He's the best example and my best and truest friend! I'm not going to lie and say that it's been perfect, but it's pretty darn close! ;) It's definitely an adjustment though. Two years is a long time when it comes to different likes/personality traits/goals, etc. A LOT has happened, so we are just doing our best and trying to catch up, but still move forward. It's been amazing so far though! Sometimes I just stare at him and smile because I am so happy he's home. And sometimes he stares at me because he thinks I'm beautiful;)

We have grown in love for each other. It's amazing to me how well things clicked into place and how much we truly have matured, and grown. My only complaint is that I have to go to school and work 5 days of the week... After two years of being apart, 12 hours seems like torture. Ha but it's great. Hunter is seriously the best and I am so so grateful he served a mission. 

Since Hunter's been home we've we've watched movies, cuddled, gone to Cafe Rio, walked around the temple, made breakfast together, shopped until we were ready to drop, ate at a Brazilian restaurant, laughed and cried, ate Korean food, and had his homecoming talk. I sure love my life and I love that Hunter is home. It was worth every single second of those 703 days we were apart. Things have NEVER been better, and I am so so happy! 

So happy. So worth the wait. If you are waiting for a missionary, STAY STRONG! They do come home, even better than ever. Follow your heart, and the Lord. Encourage him to stay focused, work hard, and serve honorably. Life seriously could NOT be better. :)