Runnin' 'Round

How the heck has it already been three weeks since New Years?

Life (as always) has been crazy! School started back up and it's been quite the adventure. I LOVE my classes, but the homework, not so much. Work has been quite stressful with people leaving/shuffling around, but I'm surviving. 

I am always running around (literally).
I go from school to work to school, one day a week.
Work to school to work, three days a week.
And school to work, one day a week.
And passing out from exhaustion on Saturday and Sunday!

It's quite the process, and I'm always running so I'm not late.
I'm getting quite the work out ;) Who needs the gym anyways?

In other (happier) news, Hunt comes home in TEN DAYS.
I can count that on two hands.

I'm happy! Working hard, but happy. 


17 Days!

Uhhh holy cow.
Did I really just write SEVENTEEN DAYS at the top there?

{Hunter gave this jersey to me on our 17 month-aversary. It's my favorite number, and my favorite player. He might not know a whole lot about football, but he certainly knows me and what I like}

I can't even believe Hunt is almost home. These last few weeks will probably kill me! I have a million things to do and school just started, so hopefully I stay busy and it flies by:) 

I catch myself reflecting on these two years so often. I smile, I laugh, but mostly, I just cry. "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri came on when I was driving home from school on Monday and I just lost it. 

"And all along I believed I would find you /Time has brought your heart to me/ I have loved you for a thousand years/ I'll love you for a thousand more/ One step closer..."

Obviously, it hasn't been a thousand years, but it's been at least a thousand days since I've loved that sweet boy! ;) 

Hunter being gone for two years has been SO rough. It's crazy that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. One of my goals was not to waste two years "waiting" like I've seen a lot of other girls do! I wanted to make these two years count, and I really feel like I did that. The growth I've experienced in these past two years is absolutely incredible. Mentally, physically, and spiritually, I've changed and grown and learned. I've been tested, and challenged in ALL areas of my life. I've grown closer to family and friends that I had fallen away from. I've learned a TON about myself that I probably wouldn't have discovered if Hunter had been here. I met tons of new people, and formed some amazing friendships. I got to know Hunter's parents and family a lot better AND in a different way, since he wasn't physically here with us. I studied my butt off and realized I could accomplish difficult things! I learned about selfless love and it's necessity in all relationships. Lastly, I developed an even stronger knowledge of the fact that we have a Father who loves us, knows us, and wants us to be happy. 

To sum things up, these two years have NOT been a waste. They've been a crazy, sad, confusing, exciting, AMAZING time of my life, and I will always be grateful for them. I know that this was supposed to happen. I was meant to meet sweet Hunter when I did. Regardless of how things turn out, I KNOW without a doubt that Heavenly Father knows what we need and who we need, at the exact moment we need them!

For now, Hunter and I are just SO excited to see each other again. Against all the odds, we've made it this far. The thought of being able to text/call/SEE each other gives us a happiness we can't even explain. We have thousands of memories that have kept us going, and in less than 2.5 weeks, we will be able to create more. Hunter is my best friend. He knows what I'm going to say before I say it. He can reassure me and calm me in a way nobody else in the world can. He sees traits in me that I don't, and he's always first to offer assistance when needed. He's the best. :)

Okay, this is getting super cheesy and rambly and not what I was aiming for, but there ya go!

See you in seventeen Hunt!

P.S. Brace yourself for a ridiculous amount of sappy posts/pics for these last few weeks ;) I can't help myself. Sorry guys!


MG Tips!

Hello fellow MG's! 

I felt like I should write a post with a few truths that have helped me along this journey. My best friend, Hunter, has been gone for 22 months and returns in less than one month! (SO EXCITED!) Please keep in mind that EVERYONE is different. Some of these tips might not apply to you; these are 100% my opinions, thoughts, and experiences. I'm not trying to TELL you how to live your life, I'm just merely stating things that helped me get this far. If you have any comments/suggestions/other tips or just want to share your experiences,  please comment below:)

Here are a few pieces of advise I'd like to share with all of you!

1. Things are going to change. Realize it, and embrace it.
I don't care who you are or how great your relationship was prior to mission/MG life, things WILL change. I mean, how could they not? You are spending 2 years away from a person that you care about, with very little communication. Your other half is/should be 100% dedicated to serving the Lord. You are not just in a long distance relationship, but you are "waiting" for a missionary, which is completely different. Things will change, and the moment you realize this and embrace it, the easier your life will be. Don't focus so much on how things were, just accept how things are.

2. STOP WAITING. Life is meant to be lived.
Honestly, I loathe the term, "waiting for a missionary". I don't think you should be waiting for anything or anyone. Life is such a beautiful, special, and fleeting thing. Enjoy it while you can! Going through each day just so you can put a sticker on a calendar is not living. Don't put your dreams, aspirations, or life on hold. If you want to serve a mission, then do it. If you want to go to school, sign up for it. If you want to travel, hop on that plane! Don't think of these things as "fillers" either. As hard as it may be, try not to focus on time. Enjoy these moments while you have them. Looking back, I don't feel like I wasted two years of my life, and that's very important to me! Get out of the "waiting" mind set and get into the "doing/being" mindset.

3. It's a roller coaster. You'll have ups, and downs, and downs, and more downs...
If I had to explain how I've felt the last 22 months, I'd have two words for ya: roller coaster. This whole journey consists of ups and downs. There will be days that are harder than others, and there will be days where life couldn't be any better. You'll have crying sessions with buckets of ice creams and tissues, and that's okay. You'll feel pretty crazy, probably because you are. (What sane person goes 2 years without seeing their man?!) But the most important thing to remember is to enjoy the ride. Look back at that first month and realize how much you've grown since then. Be proud of your strength, and don't dwell on the pain. Just remember, difficult days will come, and difficult days will go. That's life.

4. Don't expect too much. You aren't first priority... or second... or third.
This is a tip I can't stress enough. I see SO many girls who expect the world from their missionaries... I'm here to tell you to stop it right now. He is a missionary. That comes before everything else. Selfless love is the best kind, and if you're doing things right, you'll know. I hate to break it to you, but you are not/will not/should not be first priority. Or second. Or even third. The Lord comes first, then the people he's serving, then his family, and then possibly you. Don't expect a novel in your email every Monday morning. Don't expect to see a 10 page letter waiting for you in your mailbox. Don't expect extravagant packages filled with your favorite things... But what you can expect is that he will change lives, he will bring blessings, and he will grow and mature into a wonderful, spiritual, amazing man. Let him serve the Lord wholeheartedly. Encourage him, and grow alongside him. Don't expect him to be the perfect boyfriend, because that's not what he signed up for and that's not what he was called to do. He was called to serve, and if you can help him do just that, you're golden.

5. There is no prize for being the perfect MG/couple. To compare is no fair.
AHH GIRLS. Listen up! Cute packages are fun, but  PLEASE don't let it stress you out. Sometimes a nice handwritten letter means more than a perfectly decorated box full of treats. I've experienced first hand how expensive international shipping is. Your missionary will understand if you cant send huge packages every month. Also, you don't have to be the cutest MG, and have the cutest ideas, and cutest photos; your missionary loves you for YOU. Don't compare your wait to others. Some missionaries get distracted easier than others. Some missionaries pull away, others start to cling. Some girls wait and date. Some girls don't date at all.  Do your own thing and don't compare your journey to the journey of another. There is no prize for "waiting perfectly". Every experience is different. Life won't be perfect, but in the end, nobody else's opinion matters.

Well, that's all for now folks! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :) These past 22 months have been such a crazy ride, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Just a few more weeks (26 days!) and my sweet Hunter will be back for good.

22 months down, 26 days to go!

First blog post of the New Year! 
Holy cow, how is it 2015 already?
I honestly have no idea where the last year went.
But I'm not complaining...
One day closer to graduation, finding a real job, oh and Hunter coming home! ;)

Twenty six more days, my friends.
I can hardly believe it.
It doesn't even seem real.
I keep repeating the number over and over, 26. 26. 26.
But it doesn't make it any more real.
I've started thinking about airport signs, and what I'm going to wear, and it still doesn't feel real. I don't think it'll feel real until he's standing right in front of me! It's just been SO long (22 months to be exact) that the thought of seeing Hunt again just feels like a dream. I've wanted to see his face and hug him for over 600 days, and THIS MONTH I will actually get to!

I update a monthly calendar on my wall with all my activities, appointments, and special events, and it was so strange to see the day Hunter comes home in the CURRENT month. I didn't have to flip the page, or look ahead, it's all just right there, staring at me in the face in big, bold, red letters "HUNTER!! <3

I can hardly contain my excitement!
I'm starting to tidy everything up, and go shopping;it's unbelievable.
Oh, and what's even crazier is school starts in a week. Hello shortest break of my life. 
How has it already been a month since finals? GAH.
Even school starting can't ruin my excitement though!

NYE 2011
See ya soon Hunter Hoopes :)