Today is the last day of November and I am shocked! 
I can't even believe this month is already over. December starts TOMORROW!
This semester has gone by soooo fast! It's been filled with so much fun, but I sure am happy to be moving on, almost graduating, and other exciting things that will be happening soon... ;)

Better late than never! Here are some things I'm thankful for this month/year.

I love love love this church with all my heart. I learn new things every week. I have the best experiences. I've never been happier in my entire life! I blogged about what it's been like to be a Mormon for the past 6 months here. I spoke in sacrament this month, and Hunter and I went and did baptisms at the Gilbert temple for the first time. It was beautiful, peaceful, and amazing. I love the spirit that I can feel in there! I'm so excited to go through in about 6 months!

2. My family.
I have LOVED having my family here this month. Two of my older sisters came out from California for Thanksgiving, and it was so fun. We played games, went dress shopping, got our nails done, shopped, and laughed a lot! It's fun having all the nieces and nephews in town too. I have 3 nephews, and 1 niece, and 1 on the way (we don't know if it's a boy or girl because my sister doesn't want to find out!!) It's crazy having everyone here, but so amazing. I miss them as soon as they leave. I am so thankful for my family! This month we also went out for my dad's birthday. We also saw a movie, and it was a fun little date night. 

3. Wonderful friends.
This month has been a little catch up for me. October was crazy, and we were out of the country, so I wasn't in contact with a lot of people. This month, I was able to text and call friends that I've missed and was able to hang out with a few! One of the sweet sisters that taught me came down to AZ for Thanksgiving so I got to see her for a little bit. I also went out to breakfast with two lovely ladies. School consumes us all, but getting a few hours to catch up in person makes me so happy! 

4. My cute fiance. 
Obviously, sweet Hunter makes this list. He keeps me sane and also drives me insane sometimes ;) He has been working so hard (he had to work on Thanksgiving) and is now working full time at the hospital as a scribe. He has guaranteed hours, paid time off, and benefits. It's such a blessing in our lives to know he has guaranteed full time hours every single week! My internship is ending soon, so I'm grateful for every hour that he works to help us out! We went on a few fun dates this month and I loved it. I love when he's around my family, and I love spending time with him. I sure love him more and more as each day passes and I can't wait to be his wife! This will be our first Christmas together in 2 years and I am stoked! 

Some other things I am grateful for:
-When I get 8 hours of sleep
-Anything and everything pumpkin
-Christmas decorations
-Being able to wear a scarf and boots every day
-The fact that this is the last week of classes!!!
-Health & safety 
(I haven't gotten sick... yet... and I am so grateful I am watched over and protected. My heart still hurts for all of the Paris attacks and tragedies all over the world. I pray for safety every night!)

I have SOOO much to be grateful for.
December will be amazing, like it always is.
(December really is a magical month!)
And then it'll be 2016.



Six Months as a Latter-Day Saint

Yesterday marked 6 months since I was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsHalf of a year already?! Where has time gone? This truly has been the best 6 months of my life. I have seen SO MANY blessings since that wonderful day!

It’s been a crazy 6 months. It has gone by so fast, and I feel like I’ve done so much. Here are a few of my adventures since! I got a calling as a ward missionary (the day of my confirmation, super fast!). I spoke at stake conference a few weeks after that. I got my temple recommend and have done baptisms at the Mesa  temple, Snowflake temple, and San Diego temple. (I’ll be hitting up Gilbert and Phoenix soon.) I got my patriarchal blessing in July and it was AMAZINGGGG. I’ve served with the sisters many times! And most recently, I gave my first talk in sacrament. It’s been such a spirit-filled 6 months, and I can’t wait to see all the adventures that’ll happen in the next 6 months;)

Most of you know that I had investigated the church for YEARS. I read the Book of Mormon countless times before I was baptized. I attended church regularly, and lived most of the principles of the gospel. I really was just so scared of choosing the wrong path, so I didn’t choose one at all. (That is not the right mindset to have, by the way.) It's crazy that the moment I decided I was going to have faith and an open heart, my life changed immediately. 

I look back on May 16th as one of the happiest days of my life. I was surrounded by people who loved and supported me. I was worried the room would be mostly empty, but it was packed full of people that I love so much! One of my favorite parts was being able to stand at the front and give my testimony, and look and see so many amazing people supporting me. I truly have been blessed with the best friends and family. Heavenly Father definitely knows who I need and when I need them. I am grateful for that!

I have not doubted this decision for one second since my baptism day. I KNOW this was Heavenly Father’s plan for me. (I think I’ve known it all along, but I didn’t want to admit it at first). I have learned SO DANG MUCH since then. I’ve been able to feel God’s love for me more than ever. I’ve had SOOOO many answers to prayers, and so many moments of pure peace.  I know that a lot of people disagree with my decision. I know that people have so many bad things to say about this church, but I also KNOW that this is Jesus Christ’s church. I have never been happier, and I have never felt more confident/sure of myself and who I am becoming. I have a whole new perspective of this life, and eternity.

That being said, I am not perfect. I sin daily. I make mistakes. I say the wrong things at the wrong times. I stress out over nothing. And I still struggle with placing all of my faith in God every single day. But what I can tell you is that I love this church. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love my life and I am SO grateful for May 16th.  

Happy 6 month-baptisaversary to me!

If you want to chat with the LDS missionaries, click here! It'll change your life ;)
As always, feel free to contact me with any questions about the church, my conversion story, or anything else! 


Being engaged isn't what I thought it'd be...


It's only been like two weeks, but seriously. They have been the best.
I just feel like we've been 100X's happier than we were before!
Which is actually pretty difficult because we were EXTREMELY happy and in love to begin with. We're already super dorky, cheesy, and mushy gush, but now?
It's soooo bad.
The other night I was just thanking Hunter for something nice he did, and we both ended up crying because we felt so lucky, blessed, and happy to have each other.
Reality is: we’re getting married!
We’ll be together for all of eternity.
We’ll be able to kiss each other good night every single day.
We will have a family together, we’ll raise kids together.
 We’ll be equal partners, parents, and best friends.
We’ll have hard times, and go through rough patches, but we’ll be able to do it together.
I seriously can’t even explain how happy these words make me.

I love being engaged to my sweet Hunter &
I’m sure I’ll enjoy being married to him even more ;)

So here’s to the start of the madness. We’ve already been making plans like crazy. Everything has been GREAT so far!

We sure are lucky.

Well, that’s it for now! 
I’ll work on a detailed post about our adventures in France and Hunt’s proposal story J



Sounds a little harsh, right? 
I don't mean for it to be.  I just feel the need to share some personal insights I gained over the two years Hunter was on his mission in Brazil.

By the way, here is a link to a few tips I posted before Hunter got home. Now that it's been over half a year since he's been back, some of my perspectives have changed. The biggest difference in my life since then has been my decision to get baptized. I got baptized on May 16th, 2015. I have yet to blog about it because I just can't seem to get my thoughts and feelings on paper my computer. (That post has been sitting in draft status for months now.)

Anyways, it's been an amazing few months. I've learned soooo much and have a new appreciation for most things in my life. One of them being those sweet missionaries serving all over the world. Looking back, I wish I could've just smacked myself around a bit and said, "STOP BEING SO SELFISH ERICA!!"

"Waiting" for a missionary is TOUGH. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but want to know something that's even more diffcult? SERVING A MISSION. I can't even believe half of the things that Hunter went through while he served in Brazil. I can't imagine being away from home AND family AND friends AND a girlfriend AND anything and everything familiar. While he was over there serving his heart out, I was over here crying because I didn't get a flippin' letter/email! Are you kidding?? It seems so silly to compare them now. 

So you're waiting for a missionary? GREAT! That's wonderful. He will grow and change and learn so much. All I'm sayin' is that it's easy to get caught up in it all. Cute packages, and letters, and Skype calls, and homecoming videos. But does any of that realllllly matter? The answer is NO. But the people he's serving matter so much. His willingness to serve matters. And your spiritual journey should be of utmost importance to YOU for those two years. 

The truth is, life won't be "perfect" when he gets home. Things might not work out. But either way,  you're going to have to adjust. You might have to re-get to know each other. I don't care how close you were before the mission, things will be different, maybe not too many things, but some things will. And that's totally okay! Embrace that change. Have patience as your missionary readjusts to normal life. 

But while you're on that two year journey, put away the "woe is me" attitude, and learn to love the gospel and scriptures and the Lord with all your heart and soul. Focus on those investigators and the souls he's trying to save. Forget about whether he wrote you back a sentence or three pages on P-day. Forget about whether or not he can send you packages. Forget about trying to confirm wedding plans over email. 
 Basically, forget about YOURSELF.

Focus on the work.
Focus on supporting him.
Focus on being the best disciple of Christ YOU can be.

If you do this, I promise that you'll be so much happier!




ASU started yesterday and I can't even tell you how HAPPY I am.
(Did I really just write that?!)
WELL, Hunter and I have institute together  twice a week now,
 and I almost got teary eyed in our classroom!
I just can't believe where we are right now.

We met FIVE years ago, and what a joy those years have been.
We've had our share of ups and downs, but this love... it's just too good:)
Five years ago, I never thought I would be where I am.
I'm so happy to be so in love with my best friend, and the person that completes me!
Being at school and walking with his hand in mine is seriously the best. 
I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!
I've been waiting to go to school with Hunt again for the past 3 years.
I've dreamed about sitting in a classroom together and looking over at his sweet face smiling back at me.
All of this finally happened yesterday. He randomly squeezed my hand in the middle of class and told me I was beautiful. 
Could I be any luckier?

Seriously. All of my dreams are coming true because of this sweet boy.

I love where we are right now. I am so grateful that I fell for him five years ago
& I can't wait to see where we are headed.




Sooo, I'm definitely not a risk taker.
I'm pretty much as cautious as a person could be.
I think about pretty much every decision I make &
I don't like not knowing something. 

That being said, I made a risky decision when I left my old job for an internship at Verizon Wireless. It was a summer internship program for 3 months, with no chance of an extension. After August 14th, I would have to find a new job, and going back to my old job wasn't really an option. The internship was in Human Resources, which is actually something I was interested in versus the over the phone tech support I had been doing for over a year. I had fun with my coworkers  at my previous company, and even worked with my older brother and sister, but I still wanted to move on and try something else.

I decided to put my two weeks in, after I accepted the internship. 
It was extra scary because I pay all of my own bills... if I couldn't find a job in August, what the heck would I do? I could risk losing everything! But I decided to accept the job because an internship could help me with future job opportunities.

I absolutely love my job.
It's so perfect and right for me.

I do a lot of different things, but I mostly do interviews for the business to business channel, and help out our HR consultants. I do assistant work like filing and phone calls, but I also get to be part of a campus strategy plan. Our goal is to provide more jobs for college students in the Southwest region. I also got to help plan and organize a Women's Retail Leadership Summit. We brought 30 amazing women in from retail stores across the Southwest and had a two day workshop. We heard from successful women in the company, had resume and interviewing workshops, and had some amazing food. I've also gone to some amazing training sessions with Verizon leaders. I've networked and met many wonderful people! I've learned so much about the back end of businesses. This company truly cares about it's employees too! I can't say enough about this job and the experiences I've had thus far.

 I am compensated well, have freedom + autonomy, 
and my job actually matters.
3 keys to job satisfaction (as I learned from my management classes).

BUT that's not even the best part.

The risk was completely worth it. After December, they will evaluate me again,and hopefully offer me another extension, or a full time position. 

I'm so glad I took the risk and accepted this internship.
I'm truly blessed, and just wanted to keep a record of this opportunity.

I apologize for my rambling, but I am just so happy!
I think I'll take risks more often though ;)

2 weeks

Oh goodness.
How is it August already?!
School starts in two weeks.

AHH. I'm dreading it because that means Hunter and I are 10X's busier.
I'm loving this laid-back summer with my best friend.
BUT this semester shouldn't be too bad, I'm 20 credits from graduating (WHATT!)
so I'm taking some easy classes. 
2 management classes + Elvis/Beatles + sign language.

It will be grand. 

We will be ending our amazing summer together in Cali, on the beach!
We'll also be doing baptisms in the SD temple, woo, so pretty!
We leave Thursday and I'm too excited.




I love celebrating the birth of my best friend! 
It's so fun! 
Instagram has all of the pictures, but I thought I would summarize on here too!
It's been two weeks since his birthday so I figured it's time to post ;)
This summer is just flying by!
I'm loving every minute of it.
I'm definitely not ready for school to start!
I'm just having way too much fun.

Well here's a recap for ya in case you didn't see my millions of posts...

Day 1: Baptisms + Cafe Rio

Day 2: Sushi for lunch+ Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Day 3:  Video Games (Zelda) + Pizza Night 

Day 4: Dinner at the Asian Buffet
Our faces after 12+ plates of crab legs

Day 5: Fishing + Snowflake Temple + Native New Yorker

Day 6: Star Wars Marathon + Al Fox Devotional
Star Wars AGAIN...

Day 7: Breakfast at the Good Egg

BIRTHDAY: Fogo de Chao + Jimmy Eat World Tickets

We had a super amazing week together! Happy birthday to the boy who makes me heart complete. 22 is going to be an amazing year, I can feel it ;)


Many thanks

I can't get enough of this boy.

I sure do love him!
He is always there for me, and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Thank you for teaching me.
Thank you for accepting me.
Thank you for listening to me.
Thank you for saving me.
And most of all, thank you for loving me.

I'll love you forever.


P.S. He's such a sweetheart. At lunch today, I made my ice cream swirl way too big and it fell on his arm and all over my hand. He then told me to put the pile of ice cream in his hand, and he got up and threw it away for me. I was too embarrassed to go get another ice cream cone from the machine, so he got it for me, even though we were literally getting our cones 2 minutes earlier. 
If that's not love, I don't know what is. 


Birth Week!

This week is going to be a GREAT one!
Want to know why?
Okayyyyy, I'll tell you...


What is birth week, you ask?

Well, it is an entire week dedicated to celebrating Hunter's birth (14th of July)!

We've spent two years apart while he served his LDS mission in Brazil.
I want to make up for it by having an amazing week filled with fun, food, and happiness!

He has NO idea what each day entails, which makes it even better!
Birth week starts tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited.
I love starting new traditions :)
I also love celebrating this sweet boy.

Happy birth week Hunter Hoopes! 
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


21 Day Sugar Detox: Week 2

Here's week two! Soooo I kind of stopped doing the detox this week. I felt super restricted and frustrated when I couldn't follow all the rules, or if something I loved had added sugar. I lost a few pounds, but didn't notice much of a difference on my actual body... but I am much more aware of the sugar content in my food, so I call the two weeks of this detox a success! My weight also fluctuates a ton. I can gain/lose like 5 pounds a day, so I don't know how accurate the results are. Because of this detox, I'm definitely going to continue to eat foods that are better for me, but I'll also enjoy a treat every once in a while ;) Hunter's birth week is also coming up, sooo I didn't want to be restricted by a diet. 

Here are my results from this week anyways!

Day 8: 

Scrambled eggs
Chipotle (chicken bowl, white rice, pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, mild salsa)
2 pieces of steak and 1.5 brawtwurst
Ran for 20 minutes, leg workouts

Notes: I didn't meal prep over the weekend (being lazy) so I had to go out for lunch. I really tried to be aware of the sugar content and what's on the NO list. Exercising felt good yesterday, and I ran better than normal (I'm the WORST runner ever). I did get some unsweeted coconut almond milk because I needed something that wasn't water. I've had only water for 7 days! That doesn't seem like a lot, but man, I sure miss an occassional Dr. Pepper or some orange juice!

Day 9: 

Chicken fried rice from Pei Wei
2 Mini Tureky Meatloafs
Cheese and almonds
15 minutes of running, leg and ab workouts

Notes:  I told myself I was going to make eggs so I wouldn't skip breakfast, and then I woke up late and didn't... Again. So pistachios for breakfast it is! I went to lunch with a friend and tried to get something that didn't have a lot of sugar and had foods I coul eat. Brown rice + chicken + veggies is okay with me! I had a small dinner too, mostly because I was running around from place to place yesterday. Super happy I got to go to the gym again though! For the first time my weight has been in the 126's!

Day 10: 

2 Mini Turkey Meatloafs + 1 pork chop
Korean  Bulgogi + side dishes

Notes: Happy birthday to my little sister! She is 19 today, so for dinner we got Korean food with our whole family. Lucky for me, most of it is on the YES list. Asian foods normally have vegetable sides, and they are sooo good. I felt a little sore today, which is great! I was worried I wasn't working hard enough at the gym because I didn't feel sore afterwards. Today was a busy day, work, then dinner, then babysitting, so I didn't get to hit up the gym, sadly. But babysitting a little girl, two twin boys, and a baby boy sure is a workout! I didn't eat breakfast again... I hate waking up in the morning. So much. Even eating healthy isn't giving me enough energy to wake up earlier. It could also be the fact that I went to bed at 2:30am last night. I was so tired at work, I felt like a zombie! 

Day 11: 

Pork chops and mini meatloaf muffins
Steak + avocado + salad from Chili's
A couple pieces of sour candy at the movies

Notes: Today was decent! I really need to plan time so I can eat in the morning. I am ALWAYS late to work (they don't care that much, but still...) and I'm running out the door (I like to sleep in.) and don't have time to make anything. I had left overs for lunch and ended up going out to dinner with Cierra before we saw Inside Out. It was pretty cute but I was so exhausted that I fell asleep for a little bit in the middle. It's a neat concept though! 

Day 12: 

Eggs + bacon
Chicken shwarma pita - the pita, Greek salad
Frozen yogurt (sugar + fat free)

Notes: Today was good! This was my first actual treat from the detox. I had frozen yogurt, and oh my goodness, it was amazing. So creamy and delicious! I was dying! I also didn't have work since it was Independence day observed. Three day weekends are my favorite! It was so great spending the entire day with Hunter, because he randomly had it off from Jamba and the hospital. We had fun and hung out around the house mostly. I just loved cuddling alllll day. This weekend shall be great!

Day 13: 

Japanese food from the mall
Brawtwurst and salad
Frozen custard from Nielsen's
Walking around the mall for HOURS

Notes: Happy 4th of July! Today was pretty chill. I got some rockin' deals at the mall with my sister, and had a relaxing night filled with Suits and frozen custard. Hunter and I actually didn't even see fireworks! They kind of freak me out, and it was warm outside, but I don't really mind. I saw enough fireworks on Instagram anyways ;) We wanted to get fro yo but everywhere was closed, we went to Nielsen's! It was yummy. I got vanilla custard and Hunter got black raspberry. Cheating on diets is yummy!

Day 14: 

Halibut + broccoli + zuccini + salad
Brazilian cheese bread, chicken, homemade chocolate chip cookies

Notes: Today was fast Sunday and I was starving the whole day. But it was really a great day and I was so glad I fasted! Camille made an AMAZING dinner of halibut with coconut flakes and coconut flour. It was sooo good! Hunter made Brazilian cheese bread sooo I ate a couple, and a few cookies. Oh well! 

Well, that's the end of this detox. Like I said, I am definitely going to continue to be aware of the sugar in my food, but I'm also going to ENJOY eating too. 

My name is Erica, and I did NOT complete the 21 day sugar  detox.


21 Day Sugar Detox: Week 1

Yup... you read right.
I am doing the 21 day sugar detox.
Basically, you cut ALL sugar from your diet.
This should eventually cut down your cravings, and reset your body from sugar.
I eat A TON of sugar. It's in everything... but I really do eat an excess amount.
I also going to be hitting the gym 4 times a week.
If you know me, this is basically insane.
I don't diet, and I don't work out.

BUT I am not happy with myself and  I'm wanting to make some changes.
So here we go! 

Here is a list of the foods I can/can't eat during the next three weeks.
(I'm so glad cheese is on the CAN list)

I'll be blogging about what I eat in 3 different blog posts (7 days a piece).
Hopefully I remember everything I eat... This is mostly for me! To keep me organized and be able to look back on my progress, so feel free to ignore if you aren't interested! ;)
I'm also going to track my weight daily, and measurements every other day (which I won't be posting), as well as my emotions and moods and any changes I notice.
For those of you that are skeptical, I'm definitely going to make sure I'm still eating a good maount of food, just better, less sugary food.

I realized that I eat 10 pieces of bread a week (one PB&H sandwich a day), which equals 40 pieces of bread a MONTH. That's a lot... That's not even including cheese and bread I eat frequently, or bagels, or pizza... It's really bad. And gross. I'm constantly bloated, tired, and have very little energy. I almost never sleep through the night, and no matter what products I use, I still break out constantly.

 Hopefullly cleansing myself from sugar can help some of these problems! 
Also, if you have any great, sugarless recipes, PLEASE pass them my way.

Alright, let's go over week one! 

Day 1: 

Eggs with salt and pepper, no salsa:(
2 pork chops + sautéed bell peppers with garlic
Shrimp Zucchini Noodles and a green apple
Almonds, Carrots
None, but a lot of errands, grocery shopping, and walking
130.4 lbs

 Notes:  Good mood and excited to do this detox. Grocery shopping was pretty difficulty, all I wanted was sugar. I was randomly craving a slurpee, and then  I got really tired at the end of the day, and skipped the gym! I don't really like green apples,but the one I had after dinner was AMAZING and sweet. 

Day 2: 

 3 egg muffins with green onions + bacon
 2 pork chops + sautéed bell peppers with garlic
3  Turkey Meatloaf Muffins + steamed carrots
Almonds, Pistachios, green apple
15 minutes of running, leg/thigh workouts

Notes: I wasn't tired when I woke up this morning which was great! I also got my braces off and eating is so much more enjoyable!  I felt full after dinner, and the meatloaf muffins were soooo good, Hunter gave them a 9 out of 10. They did contain 1/4 cup of whole wheat bread crumbs, but oh well. SUE ME. Haha we did go to the gym and I got tired realllly easily. I hate running with a passion. My weight went down a few pounds which is awesome! 

Day 3: 

3 egg muffins with green onions + bacon
3  Turkey Meatloaf Muffins + steamed carrots
Asian buffet... mostly crab legs and fish 
Pistachios, Almonds

Notes: I did measurements this morning and my waist is 2.5 inches smaller! I definitely didn't expect that. I also lost half an inch on my calves. Then I went to a buffet and gained it all back... The detox is going well! I am still craving slurpees. And I woke up tired + hungry this morning. And I had a little bit of soy sauce with some raw fish. But I have been doing pretty well, in my opinion!

Day 4: 

3 egg muffins with green onions + bacon
Caesar salad (no croutons), potato leek soup (no bread)
Korean Bulgogi with rice, lettuce, and kimchi
Does walking around Ulta count? No? Okay...

Notes: I didn't do very well today... My office went out to lunch to celebrate a coworkers birthday. It was a gluten free, PIZZA AND PASTA place. Are you kidding? I felt proud that I got a salad, with NO croutons (even if they were GF), and I did have potato soup, but that was much better than the alternative... For dinner I fed the sister missionaries a traditional Korean dish, bulgogi. It's basically thinly sliced meat that's marinated in soy sauce, water, sugar, onions, ginger, and garlic. Yes, I did have some of that dang meat. I'm SORRRRRY. I've still done pretty dang good so far. I've cooked most of my meals, which never happens. It hasn't been too difficult so far, but I sure am craving fro yo.

Day 5: 

2 egg muffins with green onions + bacon
Leftover bulgogi, rice, and lettuce
Walked around the temple grounds

Notes: I ate the last of my egg muffins, and left over bulgogi. I was much hungrier today than I have been all week. For dinner I made this yummy zuccini frittata. I meal planned so I already had everything in my fridge, which was awesome. I love not having to go to the store to pick stuff up for dinner! It makes it much easier to cook if I already have everything. 

Day 6:

2 eggs + 4 bacon strips + potatoes from Crackers & Co. (The traditional breakfast)
Chicken tikka masala + rice + naan bread

Notes: Today started out good. I went to get breakfast with a friend and I was determined to eat right! I substituted the toast for extra bacon, and purposely tried to pick something that didn't have potatoes (Cracker & Co potatoes are my favorite and I knew I wouldn't be able to resist!) Then my plate came back with a huge side of potatoes. I had to eat them... Wasting food is bad, right? Then for dinner I had Indian food with Hunter... With naan bread. Yup, today was terrible. But I am determined to keep going even though I already cheated.

Day 7: 

Green Apple
Chicken + Salad
Brazilian cheese bread :(

Notes: I did a bit better. I didn't have much time to eat breakfast before church (I woke up at 11:15 and I had to be at church at 12.) My meetings + church went until 4:30 so it was dinner time. I ate dinner at the Hoopes' and we had delicious chicken and a yummy salad. Then Hunter made some Brazilian cheese bread... I had a couple. whoops. We are determined to start being better Monday!  

Week 1 one is done! 

Weekly Results:
Change in weight: Like 2 pounds
Change in behavior: I look at ALL my labels now. I can't believe how much garbage is in processed food. My favorite Jamba Juice smoothie has over 70 grams of sugar. Are you kidding me?! That's almost three times the amount a women is supposed to have in an entire day.
Change in measurements: There's not a significant difference (a few inches here and there) but I feel a lot better.
Changes for the next week: Definitely want to exercise more!  And make sure I'm eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. No skipping meals by accident! 
Goals: Lose a few more pounds, and inches!