Do You Remember?

Obsession. On repeat. All day. Erryday.
I love BS<3


Do You Remember?

"Where I am now is where I should be now
You're so far away, but always with me

And it seems like another life
Whenever I go back to when

We ran, put our feet in the water
We danced, didn't care who could see
We sang every song to each other
Summer would end, but not for me
I still feel the hope in your kisses
I still feel the sun on your skin
I swear I was holdin' forever back then
Do you remember?

We ran, we kissed, we learned to love, to live..."


Best thing about boys

One of my favorite things about boys is the fact that they are always hungry.

I love food, a lot.
I have mad cravings for the most random foods, ALL THE TIME.
Currently, I'm day dreaming about Greek food (gyros and bruschetta) and sushi. 
If my best friend were home, I would've given him a call and begged that we go out to eat tonight. And he would've happily agreed. And we would've fought over who gets the check. 
And we probably would've gotten dessert afterwards.

Well, maybe it's a good thing he's not here right now...
I'm sure my wallet thanks him!

But really.
Boys are always down to eat food.
And I don't feel awkward for ordering something twice my size.
They don't judge me for the bottomless pit I call my stomach.
And I feel proud when there isn't any food leftover.

I know that's a pretty random thing to enjoy about the male species, but it's true people!
Spoken from a girl who loves food WAY too much.

And this is how I feel 99% of the time:

Happy Hump Day everyone :)



Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the past.
And how badly I wish I had a "redo" and "replay" option.
Then I could do things differently.
Appreciate a little more.
Think a little less.
Oh, how joyous that would be!

Sometimes I wonder how different things would be if I had made other decisions.
If I had tried a little harder.
Or if I had chosen another path completely.
Hmm... too many thoughts rollin' around this noggin' of mine.

Oh and I'm pretty sure I'm going through a quarter-life-crisis.
The other day I started crying to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off".
Are you kidding?
I can't think of a more upbeat song.

I also finished off my Ben and Jerry's ice cream last night after getting a C on my finance exam. I think I'm going to buy another pint today; I eat my feelings, obviously... But on the bright side, only one week until I'll be in California partying it up at my sister's baby shower and screaming my lungs out rooting for my Chargers.


I can do this.


Rivers & Realizations

Sunday was lovely.
The Chargers beat the Seahawks 30-21!
Although it should've been 30-14...

One of my favorite things about football is the fact that my family loves it too.
It's definitely bonding time, even though we are apart!
Our group chats during the game are my favorite.
My sisters and I are quite fond of this man right here:

Our quarterback:)
Not only is he insanely talented and ridiculously adorable, he's also extremely passionate.
We love seeing him get excited and fired up during games.
We love our Philip Rivers and we love our team!
Getting that "W" is always a great start to my week. 
Good job boys! 

This week hasn't been too bad so far, and today I went to a career fair at ASU.
There were hundreds of employers and thousands of students crammed into the MU.
I'm studying business management right now and I LOVE it!
(Seriously, even though school is difficult and time consuming, I thoroughly enjoy learning about management and business in general)
The career fair made me realize that I have NO idea what I want to do.
No idea what general field I want to go into.
No idea what kinds of companies I want to manage.
No idea how I can use my skills and attributes in a meaningful way.
No idea what kind of jobs are going to be available to me after graduation.
NO IDEA was the theme of today.

There were so many students who knew exactly what they wanted to do, who they wanted to work for, and when they wanted to start working, and I stood there in the corner with a gigantic question mark over my head and a puzzled look on my face.

I guess that's what college is for, right?

I sure hope I figure out what it is that I want to do.
I'm gonna do some serious soul searchin' here in the next few months.
I think I'm starting to realize that doors are starting to open for me, not close.
Recently, I've come to terms with the fact that the only limitation in this equation is myself.
There's a whole world out there that I have yet to experience!

Being a 20 year old makes me feel so young, naive, and inexperienced compared to everyone around me. (I'm literally the youngest person that works in my entire office, and the ONLY one that's not 21!) But then I remember this quote: "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle." I'm just getting started here, people! I know that there's a plan and a place for me out there, and I'm so ready to go out and find it...

You haven't seen anything yet :)


Week 1 MNF

Ahh, my favorite time of year has started...
(Seriously, the best season out there.)

Week 1- MNF in AZ VS the Cardinals.
I don't think you can possibly understand my frustration during that game.
Some not-so-nice words were coming out of my mouth...

Oh and I have some other words, like CATCH THE DANG BALL.
And really?! Missed snap?!
Two TD's in the 3rd, and then nothing in the 4th?
My boys broke my heart on Monday!
Really disappointing loss.
But I love them nonetheless.

Oh Rivers, you make me happy!

Please read this link:

1. If I get asked one more time who I'm trying to "impress", you are going to get hit. 
Hunter doesn't even LIKE football, so yeah, you can be quiet now.

And 2. Don't proceed to "quiz" me about who's on my team, what division we are in, what last season's record was, etc. It's annoying, super frustrating, and kind of rude.

Rant, over.

Tomorrow will be interesting!
C'mon boys!



I had such an inspiring message from one of my classes today about perception. 
And it was my BUSINESS MANAGEMENT class. Random, right? 
It was amazing, so I will tell you all about it.

Our teacher asked us to bring a CD with a genre of music that describes ourselves. Today, he asked for a volunteer and an Asian male raised his hand and was asked to stand up. My teacher then asked questions about himself. 

-Where are you from? China 
-How long have you been here? 4 years
-What are you majoring in? Urban Policy

We then had to guess what genre of music he chose to represent himself based on the answers to his questions and his outward appearance. Here were the guesses and explanations behind the assumptions.

-Of course, Chinese music, because he's well, Chinese and from China.
-Electronic dance music bedside he's Asian
-Classical music because he's Asian and is probably smart and an overachiever

His genre? Jazz. 

The whole class felt judgmental because everyone assumed that since he was Asian, he must like only Asian music!
 Boy, were we wrong.

The third volunteer really caught me off guard though. He was a huskier guy from New York who likes video games and is majoring in communication. 

The guesses for his genre were:
-Classic rock, because he "looked like that kind of guy"
-K pop because he likes video games, so he probably likes anime
-Underground hip hop because he's from New York.

The genre that he chose to reflect who he was? Contemporary Christian.

How often do we let our perceptions of people and our past experiences dictate how we view the people around us? How often do we judge people's hearts from their outward appearance and sin? How often do we stereotype and generalize based on what WE think someone should be like? 

I'm here to tell you that perception isn't always reality. The wonderful thing about the human race is how different we all are. We may look similar on the outside in some cases, but our hearts and personalities can be completely different.

Are you allowing yourself to SEE someone for who they are? 
Or for who you assume they should be? 

This lesson really inspired me to put aside my perceptions, judgments, and generalizations and truly see God's children's for the miracles they are. Now, I'm nowhere close to perfect, and I make snap-judgments daily, but I really am going to try my hardest to break down these perceptive barriers and allow myself to SEE.

Maybe the boy in the fraternity tank top with the SnapBack and shades is NOT a jerk who drinks and parties his life away. Maybe he's never had a stable home and his frat brothers are the only family he's ever had. Maybe the guy who came to class half an hour late was NOT lazy and unproductive, but actually worked all night to be able to pay for his education. Maybe the girl who sits in the corner with her headphones does NOT really want to be ignored, but just needs a friend to talk to. Maybe the foreign exchange student who speaks broken English has never felt so alone in his/her life. 

Maybe, all we need to do is make the effort to get to know the people around us.
 I challenge you to do just that. 

If God chose to ONLY see our sins, how would we be perceived? If He only saw our shortcomings and failures, who would we be to him? And if we choose to only see what we want to see, what kind of wonderful people are we going to miss out on? 

The Lord chooses to see our hearts and look past our sins. He chooses to see not only who we are currently, but the people we have the potential to become. He looks past who we appear to be, and sees us ALL as his wonderful children. 

Let's do the same. 

Don't let false perception be your reality.



I can't even formulate how I feel in complete sentences, 
so a list of random words will have to do.


Confused? So am I.


4 Things on the 4th

Happy September 4th!
(Today has no significance, by the way, I am just happy that September is closer to January than August is!) 

I've been getting REAL excited that Hunt comes home in less than 5 months. Guys, it's actually happening! I know these next 145 days left (I just checked my app, I swear I don't have it memorized) will be rough, but I am just so happy that we've come so far. I honestly think it's amazing that we haven't seen each other in over 18 months, and we are still so in love. (Is that too mushy gushy for a public blog post? Oh well!) It's really amazing the things you can do when you work for the things you want.

Anyways, the purpose of this blog was to record a few things I've been thinking about lately. Hunter will get to go through these posts and read all about my crazy mind/thoughts while he was gone. Sooo since it's the 4th, here are 4 things I am looking forward to when Hunter comes home.

1) Cheese dates. Hunter and I loveeee cheese. It's an odd obsession, but it's ours. We will spend (more than I'd like to admit) money on fancy cheese, buy fresh bread/crackers, and drink fancy drinks (Shirley Temples are our fav). We normally just talk about our days and things we are thinking about, then we cuddle and watch a movie or a show on Netflix. It's just something that's so normal for us to do and I am definitely looking forward to it :)

2) Hand holding in car rides. Something that I love about our relationship is that we both love hand holding. It's something that makes us feel close and connected. When we'd go on car rides, you can bet our hands were locked together. Hunt would have his left hand on the steering wheel, and his right hand interlaced in mine. I don't know why it meant so much to us, but it just did. :) One hand connected to his meant no texting or Facebook browsing on drives. Instead, we would sing (terribly, by the way, we can't sing), talk, laugh, and tell jokes instead of being connected to a phone. It's just one of our things that I love and have come to appreciate so much since he's been gone. (P.S. When I drive we do NOT hold hands, because I can't drive with one hand haha. So Hunt pretty much always drives. Oh and I hate driving and he loves it, so it works for us.)

3) Studying together. Hunter went to ASU for one year before he left, and I was still in high school. We'd get together and attempt to study and do our homework. Most of the time we'd end up talking or laughing instead of doing any work, but I cherish those moments. He's kind of brilliant so asking him for help was amazing. I had my own personal tutor, and it didn't cost me anything;) He would offer to quiz me, and would help me work out my math problems, or rephrase a sentence for an essay. He even helped me write my graduation speech and listened to me practice it over and over again. Basically, Hunter is a champ, and a smarty pants, and I love him. I don't help him much though... he's much smarter than I am. I just provide moral support and kisses when he's frustrated. (TMI? Whoops.)

4) Feeling respected and loved 100% of the time. This is one of the things I'm most excited for. When I go to school, or work, or anywhere really, I can just see the intolerable amounts of disrespect people have towards each other. It makes me think of how wonderful Hunter and I have ALWAYS been together. You will never catch us swearing at each other, or degrading each other in any way, especially in public. We were always really good about open, honest communication. It's really easy to respect each other when you are aware of their needs/desires. Because of that constant communication, we always felt each others love. Not a day goes by (even now) that I don't feel Hunter's love. Even when I can't talk to him daily, even when I can't see him for months, that constant feeling of being loved is still there. And I hope he feels the same way! Hunter will often say that he loves me "unconditionally". I never really understood that word until just recently. It made me feel SO happy to finally be able to realize what unconditional meant. Through all the mistakes, shortcomings, and ridiculous things I think/do, Hunter will CHOOSE to love me, day in and day out. If that's not respect and love, I don't know what is. I am grateful to know such a Christlike man. And I am even more grateful to be the recipient of that unconditional love.

I am so excited for these 4 reasons, and SO MANY MORE...
January 27th, 2015!