Seventeen Down & Sacrifice

I'm a few days late, but oh well! 

It's been SEVENTEEN months since I've seen my best friend.
Only SIX more to go until we are reunited:)

This is greeeeeat. 
I seriously don't even know where the last 30 days have gone.
Hunter turned 21 a couple weeks ago, and here we are with 1/4 left to go!

Yesterday at church we talked a lot about sacrifice, and what it really means to give something up. Sacrifice is NOT easy. The best things in life are worth working for because nothing worth having comes easy. 

There are lots of people who tell me, "I could never wait that long!"  The truth is, this two year sacrifice is so small compared to what we could have, and what we could be. In the hardest times, that's what keeps me going. It's the love, and the friendship, and the memories that make it all worthwhile. This is difficult stuff, don't get me wrong, but I really believe that love is more powerful than fear and loneliness and all the other emotions that come with this craziness.

183 days left!

I also get, "I don't know how you do it!" The honest answer is, I don't know how I do it either. I've learned that you don't really know your strength until you have to use it. This is why we have trials and hard times. We don't know our strength and our potential until it's tested! I'm not a huge fan of tests, but hey, it's part of life.

Seventeen months ago if you had asked me if I would survive, I would've probably said no and would've cried... a lot. Since then I've been learning and growing a TON. I have to continually be independent, trusting, kind, patient, and FAITHFUL.

"Faith is a gift from God, but you must nurture your faith to keep it strong. Faith is like the muscle of your arm. If you exercise it, it grows strong. If you put it in a sling and leave it there, it becomes weak"
-True to the Faith-

Half a year. 6 months. Here we go!



Sooo I do some not-so smart things sometimes.
More like all the time.

Let me tell you the story of how I almost failed a class I had a 98% in...

I am taking a summer accounting class through RioSalado to get caught up. I did all the homework, quizzes, and I even got a 132/140 on my midterm. So of course, being the smart person I am, I figured out exactly what I needed on my final to get an overall A in the class. I had an 98% before I took my midterm. All I needed to get was 60 points, which means 15/35 questions right. I didn't study at all and guessed on most of them. Well I ended up getting a 76/140. Good, right? I got more than 60 points which would mean that I would get an A in the class!


I had a feeling I should look at the syllabus, and it said that I must get 60% on my tests in order to pass the class. So due to my negligence, I would have to retake this class, pay for it again, and my entire Fall schedule would need to be changed because I didn't meet the prerequisites. I emailed my teacher FREAKING OUT, letting her know that I hadn't realized that I needed a 60% on my test, but had a 98% in the class prior to taking the final.

This is how I felt after reading my syllabus...

Thank goodness, she agreed to pass me with the A that I earned, although I bombed the final. HALLELUAH!

Moral of the story? 
1. Do well on your tests, even if you think they don't matter.

Now I can officially breathe again.
I am done with school for an entire month.
Oh, and my vacation starts in SIX days.

AZ --> CA --> HI

Let's do this summer thing right.


9 & 13

This week has been painful, and it's only Tuesday...
Mondays are always obnoxiously busy at work.
Hunter also emails on Mondays.
Lately his emails have been delayed due to Brazil's terrible internet cafe's.
It's a bummer, but life goes on.

I have one more quiz, one more homework assignment, and a final for my online class.
I'm so glad my class ends right before I take off.
I will actually get a few weeks to enjoy SUMMER aka NO SCHOOL.
You could say that I'm just a little excited.

9 more days until I'm in sunny San Diego.
I get to see my sister and brother-in-law and attend Chargers Fanfest.

13 more days until I'm in HAWAII.
I'll be swimming, beachin', hiking, and loving life!
P.S. Does anybody have any good travel tips/things to see in Hawaii?!


I have some shopping to do and errands to run before my vacation can officially start.
I can't believe that time has gone by so quickly!

Dear July 31st, please come quickly.
Sincerely, a girl who needs a vacation


Hunter Happiness

Sooo, my computer got completely wiped about a week ago.
It was awful, but luckily my brother is a genius and recovered almost all of my files.
Anyways, I found this picture on my computer and I couldn't help but smile.

I loveeeeed going up to Flagstaff with Hunter.
It was seriously the craziest day.
Hunter had some weird eye allergy and his eyes were watery and red.
We couldn't find the place we were planning on going to.
The sleds that we bought broke after going down the hill twice.
Oh and then we got stuck in the snow! 4 wheel drive didn't help get the car out.
We didn't have cell service and were stranded on this random road.

Despite all that happening, I loved our trip.
It was totally us.
We're kind of prone to stuff like that happening.
But I love remembering how calm Hunter was through it all.
Every step of the way he made sure I was satisfied.
I was a little grouchy because it felt like everything was going wrong,
but Hunter was just so patient and sweet.
He got out of the truck and shoveled snow with his bare hands.
He made sure I was warm and toasty.
He made sure I was still smiling despite all of our issues.
Oh and his smile never disappeared either.

It made me realize that we could get through anything.
I'm sure we will have tons of issues in the future.
I have 100% confidence that no matter what happens, we will get through it, together.
There's nobody that I trust more than Hunter.
He has always cared for me in every way that I needed.
He's my shoulder to cry on, my person to vent to, and the one I can be my silliest with.
He's my jokester, my brilliant other half, oh and the best cuddler out there:)

Yup, he totally just passed out on my bed...
I seriously can't wait until we'll be at the same school again!
Being able to roam around ASU with his hand in mine... It gives me butterflies.
Thinking about us studying and doing homework together makes me straight up giddy.
I'm way too excited to pack him cute snacks for school with hand-written love notes.
I'm so ready to congratulate him on the many A's he will receive on his tests.

Hunter visiting me at NAU! 
 No matter what we will be doing, or where we will be at, we will be together.
He will be a 7 minute drive away from me.

Okay, I am getting ahead of myself.
I still have 193 days left.
But really, where did the last week go? I swear we were just at 200.
Let's keep this trend going!

This post is really just random nonsense all mushed into one.
The moral of the story is I love this boy.
And at the end of the day, isn't that really all that matters?

Distance is fleeting, problems come and go, but love, love is what remains: always.


Happy 21st Birthday Hunt!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year!
It's the day that my very best friend was born.

Happy 21st birthday Hunter Curtis Hoopes!

I can't believe this stud is 21 years old today.
Oh, how I miss him. 
It's crazy that when we met, he was just a silly 17 year old boy.
We're growing up, and it's strange.

This is the last birthday (of his) that we have to spend apart!
I can't wait to spoil him with gifts, fun dates, and surprises.
Hunter is seriously the greatest person I know.
He deserves to have the best and happiest day EVER.

I can't do much from 6,000+ miles away, but I wanted him to still feel special.
We took some pictures to email him:)

Silly faces! 

Birthday love from Camille & Carson!

We love our Hunter :)

Happy birthday to my favorite human on this planet.
I hope 21 is good to you! :)


500 down, 199 to go!

I can't even believe it!

I haven't seen Hunter in FIVE HUNDRED days.
Doesn't that seem like an obnoxiously long time? It does to me.
That's a massive number; I can barely believe it's been that long.
Thinking about 500 Hunter-less days makes me want to cry.
On the bright side, I'm still alive and well AND that's 500 days I never have to do again.

Oh, and did I mention, we are out of the 200's!
Yup, that's right, 199 days to go.
(Thank you ASU for bringing my Hunter home a month earlier than expected!)

This is the home stretch, guys.
This is really happening! 
Less than 200 days left.

By the way, the last 100 days FLEW by. Seriously.
I was at 299, blinked, and now, here I am with 199 to go.

I really just want to spin around in circles and shout to the heavens.

While we are on the subject of countdowns, let's take a look at what's next on the calendar:

2 days until Hunter's 21st birthday! (Expect a blog post.)
19 days until I'm in California with my sisters.
24 days until I fly out to Hawaii for a mini-vacation.
40 days until school starts (but really, who cares about that?)

Basically, it's a happy happy day.
It's a happy week.
It's a happy month.
It's a happy life.

Peace out 200's, you won't be missed.



This week was far better than several of the previous weeks.
I actually feel happy, and good, and peaceful. :)
I love this feeling so I will expand on what made this week so happy!

Happiness is finishing all your homework on time and understanding it.

Happiness is when your niece and nephew refuse to stop hugging and kissing you.
Happiness is your best friend coming to town and having deep life discussions with her
Happiness is playing soccer in the house with your little sister, using pillows as goal posts.
Happiness is funny group chats that make you literally laugh out loud.
Happiness is McDonald's chocolate dipped cones.
Happiness is having a four day weekend.
Happiness is laughing until your can't breathe.

Happiness is knowing that this is my last 4th of July without Hunter.

4th of July 2012

Missing kissing him :)

He's a goof and I love it.
As you probably know, that last thing makes me extremely happy.
Next year, Hunter and I will get to shoot off fireworks and play with sparklers.
We'll get to be soaked in sweat from this hot Arizona heat.
We'll get to hug and kiss and be together.

Now that's what happiness is. :)



I've been thinking a lot lately. About things I've said and done. Mostly, I feel unhappy. I feel like my head has been somewhere else for the last 20 years of my life...

Why am I just realizing how hurtful and wrong judging others is?

There's a huge difference between having standards, and forcing your standards on others. There's a difference between holding strong to your values, and looking down on the people around you. There's a difference between judgement and love.


I love this quote. It's simple and completely accurate. We all sin. We all do things we probably shouldn't. We all make mistakes. The important thing that I'm learning is that the silent (or not so silent) judgement we pass upon others is WRONG. We all have different trials and temptations that we have to face. We all have our own demons, so how can we possibly think it's OK to judge others for theirs? It's time to show a little more empathy and a little less judgement.

And that's the end of my Thursday night rant! :)