{E&H}- Part 3

One of my favorite parts of high school was definitely the school dances. It was so much fun getting dressed up with my girls, putting on a little extra make up, and dancing the night away. Well, Homecoming was coming up, and as everyone knows, Homecoming is a boy-ask-girl dance. I wanted Hunter to ask me, but I didn't want to say anything. We would flirt and talk and chat most days, so I figured I had a good shot. All of my friends were getting asked, and it made me sad because Hunter still hadn't even brought it up in casual conversation! One of my best friends decided to ask him who he was going with. She casually (or not so casually) brought up my name, and he said he'd think about it, and that it was an option. An OPTION? Like reaaaallly? We became really good friends, and talked all the time, and I was nothing but an option.... Well, he didn't ask me, and I was pretty sad about it. He told my friend that he was going with another senior girl, it was her last year and she hadn't been asked, and they were really good friends. Uhmm fine. I mean, I guess that's nice, right? He didn't say he had feelings for her, but made it seem more like a friends type of thing. 

So I was dateless, and the boy I wanted to go with asked someone else. Shoot. Luckily, one of the guys we hung out with in our little group ended up asking me not too long before the dance. He wrote a rap on a note and gave it to me during class. Definitely not who I wanted to go with or what I was expecting, but it worked for me! I went and bought a dress and our group went and took pictures and it was super fun. During the dance, I didn't really see Hunter much, and I tried hard not to. I really was having fun, and I wanted him to know that. I wasn't going to let HIM ruin my fun. Well, when we were leaving, my friend pulled me aside, freaking out! She excitedly told me that Hunter just told her that I looked really pretty! Okay, not gonna lie, I definitely freaked out. FINALLLLLY, the darn boy started to notice me. Well, it was his loss for not asking me anyways... But soon after that, our conversations at school were reduced to almost nothing. If he saw me, he wouldn't really say hi. He didn't go out of his way to talk to me. He didn't joke around hardly at all, and I was devastated. I kept asking myself, "What is wrong with this stupid boy?!"

Well it turns out there was a major issue... And you'll find out what that problem was next month :)

Fourteen months!



14 months down! Are you serious?
This was by far one of the hardest months.
I cried wayyy more than usual, and missed Hunt like crazy.

The best part of this? Hunt will be home in {just about} NINE months.
Single digits.

Oh and I finally got Hunter's Valentine's Day package... 2 months late.
{Thank you Brazilian postal system} But it was perfect and definitely worth the wait.
 He made me a "faith" bracelet since I lost mine a couple months ago.
It fits me perfectly! It's also my favorite color. 
He also sent some printed pictures with adorable captions on the back, and a couple love letters.

Man, do I miss that boy.


Easter Happiness

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday! I know I did.

I went to church with Camille, Carson and Connor. I love that family so much. We had a delicious Easter dinner, and I got to hang out with this cute little one!

Camille is darling and got me an Easter basket filled with goodies. She is so sweet and amazing. I love talking to her and being around her wonderful self.

It's also the last Easter Hunter and I will spend apart. Uhm HECK YES. This was our first Easter together, two years ago. I love that cute sleepy face of his. 


The best part of the day was definitely knowing that our Savior lives.
We sang this hymn in church and I had to fight back the tears! 

"I know that my Redeemer lives.
What comfort this sweet sentence gives!
He lives, he lives, who once was dead.
He lives, my ever-living Head.
He lives to bless me with his love.
He lives to plead for me above.
He lives my hungry soul to feed.
He lives to bless in time of need."

There are no truer words than those. The Lord has blessed me with so much, and I will forever be grateful. I'm grateful that I know that He lives. I am grateful that Hunter has spent the past two Easters teaching about our perfect Savior. I am grateful for his sweet family who treats me like their own. I am grateful that I can attend college for basically nothing. I am grateful for my family, and that I have been able to spend more time with them lately. I am grateful for Easter happiness. I am grateful, I am loved, and I am happy #becauseofhim. 

Happy (late) Easter!



Why do I do it?

Because nights alone aren't permanent.
Missing him reminds me that I'm lucky to have someone to miss.
Because I'm not afraid to make sacrifices for true love.

I miss my best friend every single day, but I wouldn't change a thing because we are exactly where we are meant to be.


MG/MB Mother's Day!

Hello friend and fellow MG's/MB's!

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and I've noticed that a lot of you were wondering about gifts for your missionary's mom. I thought I'd post a couple of things I've done in hopes of getting those creative juices flowing.

If you have any questions about any of the processes or materials, or if you want the exact sites that I ordered from, just leave me a comment and I'd be happy to help. :)

P.S. I apologize that the quality of the pictures aren't very good!

1. Handwritten card/letter from you AND your missionary

This one is super simple and super sweet. I asked Hunter a few weeks in advance to send me a little note for his mom, and I just made a little card for her. I think she liked it! There's just something so wonderful about handwritten notes and letters (especially from her son that she misses dearly!) Isn't his handwriting perfect? 

2. Elder Nametag

Camille (Hunter's mom) really loved this gift! She always tells me that it's one of her favorite gifts from me. I got Curt one too (Hunter's dad). I got one for myself too and I loveeeee carrying a little piece of Hunter with me. You can customize it and even add the name of the mission underneath the name.

3. Country/State Art Map

I am definitely going to get one for myself someday. I ordered this wonderful little print off of Etsy. They were able to place the heart in the area Hunter was serving. You can pick from a ton of different sizes and colors. The quality is PERFECT. I bought a picture frame and mat and gave it to Camille for Mother's Day last year. She still has it displayed in her home. She's so sweet!

4. Picture & Charm Shadow Box

I made this for Camille this past Christmas. I bought a shadow box at Michael's and put Hunter's missionary picture in it. I also bought little charms to represent her sons, husband, and me!

-The baseball mitt is for Carson, who is her youngest, and loves baseball. I'm pretty sure he wants to go pro, and I love that he dreams big. He's amazing and the sweetest thing ever.
-The airplane is for Curt (her husband), he is a pilot and is constantly traveling all over the 
-The circle charm is a map of Brazil that I made. It's a little piece of Hunter!world. I know she misses him when he's away, so I thought it would be a sweet reminder.
-The lock represents me, and a promise of someone that we would one day do together. I sincerely hope we have the chance to do it! :)
-The Eiffel Tower is for her oldest son Jonathan, and his wife Natalie. They served their mission in France and she was able to go and visit a few times. She loves France and she loves Jonathan and Natalie, so that was easy! 
-The boat steering wheel represents Connor, he loves making model airplanes and naval air craft fleets (I barely even know what they are, but he can make amazing models from tin foil, cardboard, pretty much anything!)
-The little phrase underneath Hunter's picture says "Missionary- someone who leaves their family for a short time, so that others may be with their families for eternity."

5. A personalized calendar

I made Camille a calendar online with pictures of her boys, and had all of the special holidays and birthdays marked. She used it the entire year! I don't have a picture of it though.

A few other ideas are a personalized mug, a photo book, a personalized phone case, I got her some Brazilian earrings once. Just think about HER and what she likes and what means a lot to her. There's nothing Camille loves more than her family, so I always try to center my ideas around love and family. :)

Well, those are just a few ideas for you guys! If you have your own ideas, I'd love to hear about them. I'm running low on ideas for this year... I try really hard not to give out gift cards, or store bought cards because I feel like they are way less meaningful, but if that works for you, by all means, continue! I'm just a pretty sappy person and I always thought the sweetest gifts from Hunter were hand-written cards and notes. We've never bought each other a card from the store before. I guess we both just appreciate the sentimental meaning behind homemade things. We do this thing where we make each other cry... Almost every gift we give each other, there are sweet, happy tears of joy involved. I definitely figured out where he got it from when I started giving gifts to his parents... :) I love it!

Anyways, happy gifting!

24 days until Mother's Day!