Wow, three posts in one day, that's a first! :) Here's my cheesy post for the month. Who am I kidding? Every post is cheesy... But I've decided that I really don't care who reads this blog, or if any one reads it. I'm really looking forward to being able to show Hunter my thoughts and feelings about him and life in general over the two years he was gone. That is one of the major reasons I blog in the first place. :)
Well, Elder Hoopes has officially been out for 13 months! Woo! I can't believe he's been gone for so long. I am so dang proud of that sweet boy. I don't think he has any idea how much he inspires me and changes me for the better. One of my favorite things in the world is when he tells me he prays for me. It gives me butterflies and makes me feel so peaceful and calm knowing that he talks to Heavenly Father about me. I know I do the same thing every single day! I wake up and thank Him for the wonderful man he put in my life. Having such an amazing and spiritual man to help lift me up is truly a blessing.

Hunter seriously just makes me happy. Even if I haven't seen him in almost 400 days, he still manages to comfort me and make me smile from 6,000 miles away. I feel his absence every day, but I know it's all for a good reason. Those Brazilians need him more than I do right now and I try my very best to be supportive, encouraging and uplifting. Hunter is the rock I lean on, my comforter, my personal cheerleader, and my perfect example. He's such a selfless, righteous, amazing man and I am so grateful that I get to call him mine.

Happy thirteen months sweetheart, I love you more than words can describe.

{E&H}- Part 2

Part 2: The First Encounter

Hunter's cute face continued to torment me. After about a week of gawking over him, and trying to find an excuse to talk to him, I finally got the opportunity. We went outside for an activity involving food chains. Basically, we all got assigned an animal or plant and there was one ball of yarn. We stood in a circle and tossed the ball of yarn to whomever we thought was next on the food chain. For example: a jaguar would eat a deer, then the deer would eat a plant, etc. Well somehow, Hunter and I ended up holding the same piece of yarn. He quickly found that out, and started tugging on the string that was wrapped around my left pinky. I, of course, smiled and giggled and mouthed the word, "Stop!", and he didn't. He continued to pull the string until the activity was over. 

Afterwards, we talked and flirted, and he jokingly said, "I didn't do anythingggggg!" (super adorably by the way). I then told him that he could have injured my left hand from my blood circulation being cut off, which would mean I wouldn't be able to write or do anything. He asked if I was left handed and I said yes, and he said, "That's pretty cool!". I have no idea if he really thought it was cool or if was just something people say when they find out you are left handed haha. 

Anyways, the conversation ended rather rapidly because he left for lunch. I always wondered where he went because our lunch was right after. Since he was a senior, he could leave campus. Did he go home? Did he go out with friends? Or a girl? It drove me crazy not knowing. I always went into the cafeteria and ate with my friends so I didn't really know. That day, I was floating on cloud nine. I got butterflies all throughout lunch when I looked at the little line on my pinky left by the yarn that Hunter pulled on. Super romantic first encounter, huh? Yarn, pinkies, and food chains.

We continued to have casual conversations here and there. (I definitely wanted more than an occasional, "Hello, how are you?"). I started seeing him more and more. I saw him after my first class going to my second class. I also saw him talking to a different girl almost every day. Like, reallly?! He always seemed to be smiling and laughing and enjoying himself, and I just felt sad. Well, a few weeks later, an announcement was made about homecoming. Hopefully, he would redeem himself by asking me...

Gas Station Goodness

So a couple days ago my tire pressure light turned on in my car. I didn't really think anything of it; the light came on a couple months ago and went away a few days later, so it wasn't a big deal.

Well, today I was at Fry's getting some gas and this guy approached me. It definitely worried me at first, he had sunglasses and a pony tail and was a pretty big looking dude. He came all the way over from the gas pumps that were like 25 feet away from me. I kind of ignored him at first because I wasn't about to talk to this gas station stranger, and then he whistled to get my attention. He informed me that my back tired was almost completely flat. I looked, and, indeed it was. How did I not even notice a flat tire?! (That's just an Erica moment for ya.) I was extremely grateful that he let me know! I don't even want to think about what could have happened if I just kept ignoring it... I smiled and said thank you. I felt embarrassed for ignoring him at first.

My tire looked like this...

I then began looking around for an air machine, they had to have one close by, it was a gas station after all. Well I must have looked completely ridiculous while I was searching for an air machine because then this older lady sitting in her car yelled that there was one 20 feet behind me. (I'm really smart sometimes.) But once again, I was extremely grateful for the kind help from complete strangers, and I, once again, felt embarrassed; this time for not being aware of my surroundings.

Well then I got to the air pump, and the machine only took quarters. Of course, I didn't have any quarters in my wallet. I went up to the attendant to ask for change for a ten, and she kindly said that she would just turn it on for me. Once again, I was grateful for the help. I put some air in it, after struggling and fumbling with the cap and pump for a few minutes. I didn't have a tire pressure gauge with me so I just kinda eyeballed it. I could tell that another guy that was gassing up was staring at me, I probably looked like a dumb 20 year-old girl (which I totally am when it comes to cars). He had a concerned/puzzled look on his face. I had a feeling he would come up and help me, but I quickly got into my car and drove off. (That's pretty much all the embarrassment I could handle for one day). I figured I would put enough in until I got to work and put more air in when I had a tire pressure gauge.

Anyways... moral(s) of the story? 
One: Check your tires when your tire pressure light comes on. 
Two: Don't be so judgmental of other people, even if they look a bit different than what you're used to.
Three: Don't be afraid to speak up or help someone else out. They will most likely be completely grateful for the help. If I was in the same situation as these strangers, I only hope that I would as helpful and kind as they were to me

Well, that was my humbling experience of the day! Happy Thursday :)


Blog lovin'

I've been obsessed with blogs lately.

I'm terrible at blogging myself though. Half the time I don't have time, and the other half, I have no idea what to say. I really enjoy reading other people's blogs despite my own inability to do so. I love seeing the different styles of writing, all the delightful pictures that are taken and the wonderful stories and experiences that are shared. 

I particularly love craft blogs, wedding blogs, food blogs, and mommy blogs. Random combination, right? I also just enjoy reading about people's lives. This week I've realized how personal blogs are. In most cases, it's sharing your innermost thoughts with people you don't even know. What a strange concept! But I am grateful for that because from reading blogs, I've learned so much and I am inspired daily.

If you have any awesome blogs that you just LOVE, send them my way. I'd love to check them out :)


Life happens

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about how things end up.
It seems that 99.9% of the time, reality is different than what I expect.

3.5 years ago, if you had told me I would fall in love with this nerdy blonde-haired Mormon boy I met in my science class, I probably would've laughed. 

January 2011

If you had told me I would spend 2 years AKA 104 weeks AKA 730 days away from the man I fell in love with, I probably would've called you crazy. I probably would've said something along the lines of, "I would never do that. I wouldn't be able to. And I wouldn't want to."

Yet, here I am ladies and gentlemen... just call me crazy. I did fall in love with that nerdy blonde-haired Mormon boy from my science class. And yes, he did leave to serve a two year mission. And yes, I miss him terribly every single day, BUT, I wouldn't change one part of our love story and I wouldn't change one moment of this journey. I would go back and do it all again if I had to. It has now been 387 days since I've seen my sweet Hunter & I love him more than I ever thought possible.

Life doesn't always turn out the way we expect it to, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.



Happy Birthday Monica!

Happy 29th birthday to my sweet sister Monica!

She lives in California and I miss her all the time.
Monica is pretty much good at everything, and she's kind of a princess;)

Princess Monica :)
She can cook and craft and sew.
She works out and bakes the most delicious treats.
We like to read mushy romance books and watch chick flicks.
I love her so so much and I hope she has the most wonderful day.

Her and my brother-in-law and trying to have a baby right now.
I know she will be the best mom! (And he or she will have the best Aunt...)

Happy Birthday Monica! Thanks for all that you do.
I can't wait to see you graduate in May! 
Love you so much!


San Diego Sun

Ohhhh, I just love vacations!
They are seriously the best! What could be better than no school, no work, and relaxation 24/7? 
The answer is: nothing.

I spent 5 days in sunny San Diego & the weather was absolutely perfect.
Warm during the day, with a slight breeze. A little chilly, but not too chilly at night.
Ahh it's perfect.
I miss living in California.

Baby cousin & sister!

Anyways, my lovely sister and brother-in-law, Monica and Buddy bought a house, so my little sister and I decided to stay out there for a couple of days during spring break. It's always so nice seeing them! Their house is so cute and comfy. 

Selfie sister Saturday
One of my favorite things I did was that I read three books while I was there, I can't remember the last time I did that. I love love loved cuddling up with my big sister and reading together on her big comfy couch. I am glad we share a love for reading! 

Here are the three books I read this week:
-The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (Amazing book, extremely sad)
-The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks (Ahh so cute, I want a cowboy now!)
-Something Blue by Emily Giffin (The sequel to Something Borrowed, very fun read)

Photobombin' on the beach
I also ate a delicious black cherry waffle ice cream sandwich topped with whipped cream, almonds, nutella and a cherry. SOO GOOD. Somehow eating that delicious creation on the beach makes it that much better, We watched surfers on the pier. We ate sushi, cookies, pizza, and delicious homemade meals from my sister. We shopped and drove around Cali. We bought a prom dress for my little sister who looked like a princess. We talked about baby names, my sister is hoping to get pregnant real soon! It was a lovely time.


Basically, I love California. I love my family. I love reading. I love relaxing. I love VACATIONS.

I definitely need to take them more often.

See you in May, California.