So I definitely decided that I am terrible at blogging. 
I feel like I just don't have time. But starting this month, I am determined to make time.

Today, Elder Hoopes has been out for ELEVEN months. 
I can hardly believe it! Looking back, the past 11 months have flown by. 
Each day is a challenge, but overall, I've just been so blessed and I couldn't be happier! {OKAY, maybe I would be happier if Hunter was here, but you get the point.}
My love for him seriously only grows with each passing day, with every sweet letter.
Love knows no distance.

Elder Hoopes is darling as always.
He loves serving, he loves Brazil, he loves being a missionary.
Nothing makes my heart happier than those three things! ^
As for me, I just started school again. I'm working a tiny bit less so I have more time to study. It seems to be working so far this semester. I am taking an institute class with Brother Huso at ASU and I absolutely LOVE it. Best part of the week!
I went to the Gilbert temple open house with Camille and it was just lovely! 
So beautiful and so peaceful. 
 I definitely wish Hunter could've been there with us, 
but it was an amazing experience regardless!
I am so grateful for sweet Camille. 
This cutie FINALLY got his Halloween package.
Yeah, you heard me. 
I said Halloween. And yes. It's almost Valentine's day.
Gotta love Brazil's postal system... NOT.

He's just darling! Don't you agree? :)
That's about it! I can't believe next month is Hunter's year mark. 
13 more months to go! :)
Let's make it count.