Gift Giving is Great

I thought I would blog about some of the gifts I've given/got/bought over the years! 
I LOVE creating gifts because they are so much more special (in my opinion).

Here are a few things I've made! If you want detailed instructions,
 please just let me know and I'd be happy to give them! 


This is a birthday card I made for Curt last year :) 
I could've easily bought one, but I think handmade cards are unique and special. 

This is the card I made to go with the cake for Camille's birthday! 
It's a lot of card stock put together to make an accordion style book. 

I had each of her boys, and Curt, and I write a message on it.
 I think it turned out really well :) 

This is the card I made for Hunter last year for Valentine's day.  
I included some pictures of our previous Valentine's day together :)

This is what I sent Hunter for his birthday in July. 20 reasons why "I won't give up on us", and a card. That song ALWAYS played every time we got in the car together, and it just became OUR song.


These are super easy sleighs I made last year for Christmas! 
It's just a few pieces of chocolate hot glued together with candy canes on the bottom:)

I saw a picture of a cake like this on Pinterest and I loved the look of it. 
I always remember Camille having raspberries in her fridge, so for her birthday last year, 
I made this cake! It actually turned out really good! :)

This is the most recent thing I made. It was for Curt's birthday this past November. 
He's CRAZY about Smarties, so I thought I'd make him a wreath of his favorite candy. :)


I made this for Hunter for our 16 month anniversary!
It's a map of Brazil stretched over canvas with wooden letters that spell out where Hunter was called to serve! :)

This is something I absolutely LOVE! Hunter and I took a day trip to Payson to fish. There was this super cute store where everything was handmade. We placed an order for these wooden letters and they mailed them to us. I can't remember the name of the store, but man, I love this little thing.

 I gave this to Hunter's mom last year. It was difficult to make, and I wish I would've started it earlier so I could've made it better... but the idea is nice! They are wooden blocks with pictures of her boys on them.  

These are yarn letters I made for Camille for Valentine's day!  

This is what I got Camille last year for Mother's Day. It's a framed silhouette of Brazil.


Excuse the bad picture, but I ordered these missionary tags online, and Curt and Camille LOVED them. I love mine too! It's a sweet reminder of Elder Hoopes that I can always carry with me. 


Lastly, this is a tie I sent Hunter for our two year anniversary! :) 
I embroidered the heart on the back of the tie so he always 
has a reminder of my love for him.  

Well, that's it for now! If you have any questions, just comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Feel free to use any of these ideas too:)

Remember, gift giving is GREAT!
It's a way to show love, appreciation, and admiration.
It doesn't have to be a special occasion, it can be just because.
A handwritten note or a nice card can mean more than a fancy, expensive gift.

Happy gifting!