6 months down!

Wow! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. 
6 months done and over with! :)

I had an idea a few weeks after Hunter left for the MTC...
How awesome would it be to SEE our changes and growth over the next two years?
So I came up with the idea for us to take a picture with a sign depicting how many months we've completed.

And this is what the result was:

It's so crazy to see how much we've grown and changed in the past  half of a year!
Shorter hair, longer hair, and man, did that boy get TAN.
From Utah, to Texas, to Brazil. I went to California in March.

Each month is a new challenge and a new adventure.
I can look at each picture and remember how I felt in that exact moment.
From doing okay, to good, to great, back to okay again.
There were months that were more difficult and months that seemed to fly by.

Lots of letters, emails, packages and pictures were sent over the past 6 months.

I got to see his handsome face on Mother's Day over Skype and heard his voice on the phone twice (Once when he was flying from Utah to Texas, the other when he was at a layover going to Brazil!)

There have been many tears, many smiles, and MANY, MANY miracles.

I owe so much to his sweet parents.
They've done so much for me, not only in the past 6 months, but in the past few years. {Has it really been that long?!}
I love being in that familiar house with those familiar faces of people I love so dearly.
I enjoy all the nights we've watched movies and had family dinners.
I love that Taco cuddles with me everytime I go over there!
I love how comforted I feel when I'm around Hunter's sweet family.
I am more than grateful for the sweet texts from Curt and Camille.
They seem to KNOW when I'm having those rough days and are always there for me!

**The most important thing I've learned is to make each day count, instead of counting each day**

I smile more, laugh more, and enjoy life A LOT more when I live in the moment, instead of living in the past or the future.  Yes, I can't wait for my best friend to get home in 18 months, but it's important for both of us to grow, learn, and enjoy these two years :)

Anyways, enough with the sappiness...

 Happy 6 months down to Elder Hunter Hoopes! <3