Four months down!

Uhm... WHAT?!

  I haven't seen my best friend in 120 days?
Seriously though, time has been flying by.
I can't even believe my sweet Hunter is 1/6 of the way done with his mission.
Man, he is just LOVING Brazil, and nothing makes me happier:)
I finally started getting letters from him {takes around a month to get here!}
He is seriously the greatest.
His letters melt my heart.
 Hunter is so sweet and thoughtful even when he is 5,000 miles away.
It's crazy how everything changed, and nothing changed at the same time.
He's the same, but so very different.
Still has that big ole heart, but is so mature and wise. It's crazy!
He somehow knows exactly what to say in his letters to comfort me.
I love that cursive-looking script handwriting of his.

 It's such an unexplainable feeling having him so far away.
And to know he won't come home for 20 more months.
Sometimes 20 months seems like forever, and other times it seems like a piece of cake.

Every day is different.
Every day something reminds me of him.
Every day I feel myself learning and growing into the person I want to be.
As hard as it is to have my best friend in the entire world be away from me,
I wouldn't change anything about these two years.
Despite those hard days where all I want to do is cry,
getting that letter in my mailbox makes it all worth it.
Knowing that this sweet boy is smiling/being the crazy lunatic he is, makes it all worth it.

 I love his sweet parents, Camille and Curt.
They randomly text me to see how I'm doing or to invite me over.
It makes my day.
They are so willing to help me with whatever I need, I am more than grateful for them.

I'm seriously obsessed with the kiddos in their family too!
When they have family get togethers, 
I'm pretty sure I spend 90% of my time with the sweet kids.

 Can you blame me?! Look at those sweet smiles!
These are just two of the many adorable kids in Hunter's family.

I miss my best friend every single day, 
but one day, he will come home.
Until then, you can find me working, watching chick flicks, hanging out with some nice people, crafting, and loving the beautiful life I've been blessed with.



Sweet smiles

Today has been ESPECIALLY hard.
I just miss my best friend.
I miss his sweet smile.
I miss his warm hugs.
I miss the trips we took to California.
I miss the fun we had in Flagstaff.
I miss looking at his handsome face & green eyes.
I miss calling him just to talk.
I miss going on dates.
I miss just chilling and watching movies.
I miss the way his laugh made me melt.
 I miss him kissing my forehead when I was stressed out.
I miss buying him new clothes.
I miss my sweet Hunter.

 I miss this amazing man so much, but there is NOWHERE else I' d rather have him be.
He is seriously sooo happy serving the Lord!
I couldn't be more proud of him:)

He had his first baptism last week! 
Read about it on his blog! 
His sweet smile still melts my heart!

Sorry, ranting over. Just missing my best friend!



Got this happy picture in my email this morning! 

My sweet Hunter took this on our two year anniversary:)

"I was holding a chick because I couldn't hold myyyy chick this year:)"

He's kind of absolutely ADORABLE.
Happy Monday everyone!