Two months down!

Today marks two months since Hunter has been gone!
It has been a CRAZY month filled with lots of change...
-Got a promotion at work.
-Bought myself a new car!
-Moved out
-Finished my first year of college!
I can't believe all the crazy things that have been going on recently.
When I'm busy time just flies!
I love it...

I love that he is doing so well and working so hard.
I love the love and support from his family.
I love how sweet his heart is!
I love that I am growing and progressing in my life.
I love the new challenges that are thrown my way.
I love that I am learning so much about myself!
I love that I am growing up.
Most of all, I love my best friend and his ongoing, unconditional love and support:)

Happy two months down to us! 
22 left to go... <3


Bawling & Blessings

Today was an absolutely WONDERFUL day!
I got to hear that sweet voice for the first time in 6 weeks!

He has been reassigned to the Houston Texas South mission until his Visa is ready.
{He got caught right in the middle of some kind of rule change, 
which is why it's taking so long!}
He got to call his parents and they just so happened to invite me over...
I loved it. I went over around 7:30am and we waited.
The phone rang around 8 o'clock & 
I still had the same butterflies I've had for the past 22 months! 
{By the way, he had NO idea I was going to be over...}
Curt answered the phone and put it on speaker and I heard his sweet voice and bawled.
It was so wonderful! Seriously, like a dream come true.
He was so surprised and happy that I was there and it was absolutely perfect.
I am so grateful for Camille & Curt! They are so understanding, I love it.
I got to hear him say that he loved me.
I could hear the pure joy and happiness in his voice.
That hour phone call made all the sadness disappear!
He is doing SO well and learning so much!
Hunter's Portuguese is AMAZING! 
It was like he was a completely different person, I had no idea what he was saying!
I cried pretty much throughout the whole thing, it just didn't seem real!
I am so extremely happy and proud of Hunter &
I am so grateful for all the blessings I have in my life. 

Bawling & blessings = what my day consisted of! 
And I completely okay with that:)

Tomorrow is 6 weeks down! 
It seems like it's been forever, but at the same time, time has flown by.
I LOVE the people I have in my life that are there for me when I need it.
God has given me so much, I am forever grateful<3

Sent this picture and sign to Hunter...

And he sent a picture back! :)
"Distance means so little 
when someone means so much!"



Hello all! It's been a while since I posted anything.
Life has been CRAZY and it continues to get crazier!
School is harder than ever, work challenges me every day, and the time away from Hunter seems to be unbearable at times...
That's the great part.
Even when life seems rough and there a a few hiccups along the way,
everything works out in the end.
I miss my best friend more each day, but I feel myself growing and learning to adjust.
I'm starting to appreciate the little things even more.
I'm doing my best to stay positive in all aspects of my life!
I look to the Lord for strength, comfort and guidance on this crazy journey.
I KNOW that in the end, whatever is meant to happen, will.
And that is something that I am absolutely loving lately!

"You are where God wants you to be at this very moment. Every experience is part of his divine plan."