Smiles, Sunshine & Studying

Yesterday was a wonderful day!
It was Tuesday so I got to email Hunter.
I was all smiles, all day :)
It's so amazing to hear from him! He is so happy and I love it.
The crazy thing is, my English teacher is super strict about not using computers while she's teaching.
Well yesterday, she ended up making it a research day!
We got to use the computers the whole time, and Hunter happened to email me during that class!
I was more than grateful; I am so blessed.
Last Tuesday, I had to work from 11-7 and the week before that he emailed me at around 12pm.
I was so sad that I wouldn't be able to email him back because of work.
Well what do you know?
The second I go on my break, I get an email from him!
And I got to email him for my entire break.
I love little miracles like that:)
After all the happiness of Hunter,
I came home from school and took my little sister to Cafe Rio for the FIRST time.
She loved it and so did I.
Ran a few errands at one of my favorite stores EVER, Target!
We drove around the neighborhood, singing loudly while the sun was setting!
It was awesome and super fun sister bonding time.
Then... I studied.
For hours.
And I still have more studying.
Math midterm on Thursday.
Computer skills tell on Thursday.
Economics quiz on Friday.
Psychology test on Monday.
 I have A LOT to do.
But, it's days like yesterday that give me strength to keep trucking along.
To keep studying, to keep learning and growing and working as hard as I can!
I love Tuesdays<3

Also, it's 3 weeks down today!
Where has the time gone?
Each day seems so long, but the weeks have been flying by.
I love it.


Gift of Tongues

It's been ten days since Hunter left on his mission, and I miss him so much!
One thing that helps a TON is sending him letters and packages!
If you know me at all, you'd know that I love being cute & crafty, but I'm not very good at it!
I try, VERY hard, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.
Well, I sent Hunter his second package and I love it so much.
I hope he does too! :) 
I thought I'd share just in case someone else wants to send a package to a missionary as well!

He's been learning Portuguese & he has his good days and his bad days.
Sometimes it's really easy for him, other days he gets frustrated!
I thought I'd send him something to make him smile throughout his hard days:)

I found THIS on Pinterest and changed it slightly and added some quirky things that I know Hunter will appreciate! :)

First of all, my room is basically my own post office.
I have so many stamps, letters, shipping labels, envelopes, bubble mailers, and boxes!

I like being prepared, I guess!
And I can't stand being ripped off at the Post Office!
3 bucks for a bubble mailer that I found for 50 cents.

Well, anyways! Here we go; my gift of tongues missionary package!

Here's the overview...

The first thing I did was make the card! Hunter keeps EVERYTHING, so I know that he appreciates homemade cards! He is so wonderful, it makes me want to do special things for him.

The card reads... 
"They were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with their Tongues: Acts  2:4"
I also included a small poem about what's in the package!
"You already known English, language number one,
but now you must speak Portuguese a ton.
It must be difficult to learn something new,
Enjoy some mouth-watering treats from me to you!"

Here are his treats!
I included tons of treats for his mouth including Pop Rocks, Push pops, Zours, Air Heads, and Warheads! :) I included enough for his companions, which is why there is so much!

I also included pictures of me with my letters from him, and with my "Hunty Bear" 
{We went to Build-a-Bear and we built bears of each other!}
I also just included some quirky things that I thought he'd like...

This is a close up of the two signs on the left and right!
He is the biggest Star Wars nerd! 
It says "The Book of Mormon; Search your feelings, you know it to be true"

 And this is the close up of the finish product! 

I hope he likes it; I can't wait to see his reaction!
Hopefully all of these sour candies give his mouth a little break from all the Portuguese!

Love that sweet boy<3


One Week!

Hello friends!
It has officially been one week since Elder Hoopes left!
It's been a crazy week filled with lots of stress, tears, and happiness!
I've loved every second of it though.
He emailed me and the family yesterday...
I cried.
In the middle of math class.
 :) Whoops.

I was so excited to see his name pop up on my screen!
How could I not cry when this sweet boy is being adorable, like always?

I got my first letter on Monday, it was kind of the happiest thing ever!
Can't wait to check the mail now:)

I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life!
He is doing SO well and I am so incredibly proud of him.
It's definitely one of the hardest things I've ever done, but those sweet letters and emails make it all worth it. Seeing how happy serving makes him, makes me feel so peaceful and proud. His Portuguese is coming along SO quickly, I'm impressed!

His family is so wonderful! They are so supportive and sweet. I can't even get over how well they treat me. I'm very grateful for their kindness!

I have two midterms tomorrow, 
and I'm going to Cali on Friday for my sister's bridal shower.
It's been a hectic week, but next week is SPRING BREAK; 
A much needed week off from school. YESSSS!

Have a wonderful rest of the week! <3

Also, if you want to read about the Adventures of Elder Hoopes, you can follow him here!