Lots of people know about these changes already, but I thought I'd blog about it so that everyone knows!

1. I'm not returning to NAU for the Spring semester... I am going to ASU's Polytechnic campus! Living on campus costed way too much money, and even with the 2 scholarships I got, it wasn't enough and I already have quite a bit out in student loans. I decided it would be best for me to move back home and go to ASU where I wouldn't have to pay for room and board and a meal plan. I'm all signed up for classes and I start next week! I only have school Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is nice!

2. I returned to work at Best Buy, but this time in the computer department. I like it a lot better! I love working, having goals, and being able to spend time with some of my close friends! 

3. Because of the increased number of missionaries in the MTC, Hunter doesn't leave on February 14th anymore, he leaves on February 27th! Not too much longer, but I cherish every single second I have left with that precious boy! 

That's about it for all the big changes!
It's good to be back! I love having my own room (sharing a room smaller than mine with two other girls was ridiculous), being able to sleep when I want to (don't have to hear screaming and laughing at 2am), and being able to shower without shoes on! It's great:)

Well, I believe that's it.
I had a wonderful {early} Christmas with my family & I loved spending time with Hunter's family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Santa stopped by their house and brought me tons of crafting supplies, so I'm hoping to start some new projects when I get some free time! 

Please, please, pleaseeee let me know if you have any cool things that Hunter and I should do before he leaves! Less than two months left with that kid and we want to go on some fun adventures! We are planning to go shooting and hiking sometime before school starts. And a skiing/snow trip at the end of the month.

Also, if you know anyone selling a reasonably priced, working car, please let me know! :)