Wow. College is crazy, ups and downs and frustrations and laughs!
There's never a dull moment in my days, 

I'm constantly running around trying to do a million things at once, how frustrating!
Well today's frustration has to do with math...
Business math, right? BUSINESS.

What did I learn today? Nothing. Tuesday? Nothing.
Is my teacher crazy? YES.
She looks 12, wears pig tails, talks about irrelevant topics, doesn't teach, wears striped knee high socks, see through/low cut clothing, doesn't teach, and doesn't teach. Get the picture?

Anyways, she is awful and I feel like I don't learn anything!


That is all I can think about.
I am so excited I can't stand it!

YAY! :)


Today was my first day of college! 
Very easy day, loved it, not looking forward to tomorrow though:(

Spanish; I like my teacher, not too big of a class, and I'm excited to learn at a fast pace! On my way to becoming fluent in Spanish:)
Got some runny Jamba Juice where I waited for 20 minutes and couldn't even use my gift card. Annoying.
Went home, and immediately had to leave again!

Philosophy; I laughed the whole entire time. We watched David Blane videos. No assignments. YESSSS. I can tell I'm gonna love this class.
Caught the shuttle to head down to south campus and made it there on time! Yayy for punctuality! 

Accounting; Class was like 30 minutes long and ten minutes of it was going over the syllabus. She seems super cool, but a lot of work! 40 terms to know by Friday and a quiz due at 8am!

Got some wings and fries, spilled soda on my arm, dropped my ranch cup, typical me, you knowww.
Then I went to work and that's my day. Gonna start on some homework, but college isn't too bad, for now...

*Today I am grateful for the beautiful weather! I got to wear a scarf in August!


Day 7

It's almost been a full week since I've gotten here! How weird...
Classes start on Monday and I am excited to have something to consume my time.
Hunter comes up to visit in 6 days! I am so stoked. Having my best friend around is wonderful.
As much as I miss home, Flagstaff is so beautiful...

This is what my life has consisted of! He seems to have gotten EVEN cuter. I miss his smile! :)

Just a view from my work. So nice! :)

6 more days until I get to see my cute man! 
 Constant reminders of JaKelle and her beauty are everywhere!

 Happy Saturday!


Day 6

Today has been significantly better!
I didn't bring an umbrella, AGAIN, and it was pouring, AGAIN. 
I definitely think I learned my lesson now!
Got a yummy bagel for breakfast! Einsteins<3
Work went by fast and slow at the same time. Lots of projects to work on! Learned some cool new stuff.
Might go doing something with a friend who is visiting.
7 days until I get to see Hunter!
My new room mate moved in today, the triple room is completeeeee.
Someone asked me for directions, and I totally knew where I was going:)
Yup, that's about it!
Off for the next two days and then school starts, crazy crazy!


Day 5

Today was a better day!
Worked from 2-5, went by fast.
Sent Hunter a letter with the cutest Disney stamp:)
Finished my book, Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks. SO GOOD!
I am so in love. Read ittttt!
Made Hunty a skype, so when he gets home we will skype! Yay!
I've just been chilling and talking with my roomie.

It rained on me and I didn't have a jacket or umbrella, but I'm just grateful for rain and nice weather!
Hunters mom called me yesterday and she made me feel a lot better!

*Today I am grateful for the love and kindness Hunter and his mom show me<3 


Day 4

The power of prayer is wonderful!
This is what my original post looked like:

Today has been a very long day and it’s only 3.
I went to bed a little later than usual last night, and waking up at 6 was torturous. 
I definitely hit snooze 4 times before finally getting up.
A ton of my food spoiled because my fridge broke, so I’ve been practically starving… Lame.
Today is just a very hard day.
Megan isn’t coming to NAU anymore, I’m missing Hunter more than ever, and I am starting to hate being alone.
Sharing bathrooms stinks, I have to walk a year and half to get to the microwave, my room still isn’t organized, and I am unhappy!
It keeps raining and I don’t have a small umbrella to bring with me or a rain jacket. 
I feel like crying every five seconds and I don’t know anything.
I don’t have books and I don’t have friends, or my boyfriend, or my family or good food for that matter! L 
Texting people at home makes me home sick, but texts are all I have! I love seeing texts from my friends in Mesa, but it’s hard not being there.
I miss Hunter. I miss Hunter. I miss Hunter.
I’m  tearing up just thinking about it!
College life stinks today.
Pinterest definitely consumes my life right now.

This is how I feel now:
I realize how blessed I am, and that I should not be complaining about anything!

-Yes, I miss Hunter, but our love can make it through anything! We care about each other and we are willing to make this work. If we are both putting forth effort it will work! He gets to come visit in 9 short days so I am going to keep my head up about that. His boss also gave him Friday off without knowing he was coming to visit me! How  crazy that the one day he needed off, he got?! Without even asking?! Craziness, but the odds have always worked in our favor. I definitely think there is a reason for that.

-Megan isn’t coming up here, but I shouldn’t be selfish and think about myself. She is preventing herself from a lot of debt, which I should be happy about! She has to do what she has to do, I was just looking forward to her being here with me, but it’s okay. Everything happens for a reason!

-I am so thankful to already have a job up here. Many students look for job and I have been fortunate enough to have one already. I have met so many kind people up here that have helped me. I am also very lucky that I got hired off of a phone interview and didn't have to meet in person before move in day.

-Even though I am alone, I am so happy that I got to move in first. My stuff is all settled and there won't be a billion people trying to move in all at once. Tomorrow will be hectic, but I will have all of my stuff organized and sorted and moved in.

-The weather here is wonderful and the rain is truly a blessing. It allows all these beautiful flowers and plants to grow. Plus it could be 110 degrees, but instead its a nice 70 degree day.

-I love that I have people who care about me enough to text me after I've moved. Flagstaff is just a temporary home and I will be back for Thanksgiving, Christmas Break and summer!

-I am also so so so thankful that I worked so hard and got my school paid for. I'll have maybe 300 dollars to pay instead of 20,000. Thank goodness for  scholarships and grants! I also got a free laptop and a free Ipad because of my hard work. It pays off, I promise!

-Yeahhhh, sharing bathrooms stink, but at least I have a bathroom! People in other countries don't have bathrooms and do their business in holes in the ground, without running warm water. Sharing a few stalls and waiting for showers isn't so bad.

-Even though a ton of my food spoiled, I still have some left and a meal plan. I won't starve, I just have to find locations of places that are open right now! Emily is going to show me around when I get off. I am lucky to know someone on campus too!

Hunter just texted me many sweet things to brighten up my day! He is truly a blessing in my life and I don't know where I'd be without him.
So happy to have him! Just gotta keep looking up because things will get better! 
*I am grateful for prayer.


Day 3

Today was good!
Story of my life:( When school starts my shift will be shorter though! Yay! 

Lots of walking. Again.
Toured the place.
Learned a ton of stuff at the office.
Ate my lunch in the rain!
Installed my printer.
Talked to Megan.
And that's pretty much!
I'm going to facetime Hunter in a few minutes too:)
He's my favorite part of my day! I can't wait to see that handsome face of his. So it's official, my mom definitely likes Hunter more than she likes me:(
She called him yesterday to see how he was doing!
Hahahaha so weird, my mom is NOT like that.
Yay! I'll finally have a companion.
Not much going on today though.
Days go by fast up here because I'm constantly busy!

Gonna go organize my school stuff now:)


*Today I am grateful for Maroon 5 and their wonderful music. I listen to them on my way to and from work and it is wonderful! I am also grateful for this beautiful weather and the amazing rain.


Day 2

Day 2 was significantly better than day 1!
Here's how my day went...

-Woke up at SIX in the FREAKING MORNING! :(
-Walked to the shuttle stop at 7:15am
-Got on the bus and arrived at work at 8:00am
-Waiting around, went on Facebook and jammed to Maroon 5
-Then at work I learned, walked, read, walked, took tests, walked, made posters, walked, walked, walked, laminated stuff, filed stuff, and WALKED! So much walking. Up and down stairs constantly for 8 hours. Boo:( I am going to be sore tomorrow!
-Now I am chilling at my dorm room.
-Busy day, but it went by fast and everything worked out this morning with my job so I am happy! :)

Going to Facetime with Hunter, organize my room, and then I am going to straighten up my room! 

Busy day, but the weather is nice, I just can't complain about anything! The people here are very nice, so many beautiful places around campus to sit at or walk around. I love the scenery! I definitely think going to NAU was the right choice for me. I am away from home and off on my own and I am enjoying it very much!

Things I can't wait for:
-Classes to start!
-Megan to get here!
-A regular shuttle schedule
-My dining and meal plans released
-A refund of money from NAU! :)


*Today I am grateful for the NAU Shuttle system, saved me from walking even more! And being able to Facetime my bestest friend Hunter even from hundreds of miles away! His face and voice comfort me at the times I feel scared/nervous/insecure! Love technology and Hunter<3


Day 1

I have arrived at NAU!
It was pouring when we got here, and the weather is still beautiful as ever. This is such a crazy/weird experience! I feel grown up, but still so little. The campus seems to double in size each second and my room gets smaller and smaller!

     So here's the thing, I live in the quiet dorms, ya know, the nerd dorms? I wanted to be able to sleep instead of being next door to massive parties each night. Butttttt, the only rooms left in this dorm were 3 people dorms. That's right; 3 PEOPLE! This room doesn't seem big enough for me and this week 2 more girls will be moving in, one of them being MEGAN! Yay!
     Anyways, the rooms are normally only supposed to have 2, but we have 3... on the bright side we each save 1000 dollars on rent! HOLLA! Now I'll only have a million dollars left to pay...

P.S. Why do colleges make everything so expensive? It's like hellloooo, maybe more people would go to college if it wasn't so much money!

 Anyways, I'm kind of miserable right now, not gonna lie. I'm sitting alone in my room, without the company of my best friend, Hunter. Saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing EVER. 

I'm pretty sure I've cried for a total of at least 5 hours today. He is the sweetest thing ever and is truly my best friend! He got me the best going away gifts and they are all so special and dear to me. He helped me around campus, drove me up, unpacked my things for me, and made me feel a little bit better about college. 

Then he left.
Saddest moment ever.

I have an on campus job at an office, but it's sooo far away. LITERALLY.
It's the farthest building possible from my dorm. I have to ride the campus bus there, but I don't know how this stuff works. Change? Bills? Is it on my ID card? Where is the stop at? What time do I get there? When do I get off? So many questions.

Hopefully, things get taken care of and I get used to the campus.  I love the weather, I just wish my bestie didn't have to leave.

On a good note, my coworkers at Best Buy are amazing! They surprised me with a dinner at Applebees on Friday, gave me flowers and balloons(thank you Ashley!) and made me wonderful cards (thank you Danielle!) I am going to miss you all so much, but thanks for all the great times. 

I can't wait till more people come up here because I am definitely feeling super lonely. And I HATE being alone.

I get to see Hunter in 11 days though! Him and his mom are coming up to visit on September 1st. YESSSS. Counting down the days till we are united once again! 

It's a bittersweet feeling for sure. Leaving ones you love behind, but the weather is just SO nice here... Love you guys and miss you all terribly.

Please feel free to ask for my address if you want to write me!

Let's hope I catch my bus, make it to my job before 8:30am, and avoid tears/emotional breakdowns.


P.S. Each day I will be posting things I am grateful for! I really have been so blessed and I want to share my blessings with everyone! :)

Today I am grateful for my best friend Hunter! And rain, I love rain<3