I seriously am SO lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.
When things get rough, I have an amazing support system.
I am so grateful for all of these wonderful influences<3

It's been a pretty crazy year so far. Lots of new changes, things to get used to, frustration, tears, and loneliness!

There are some MAJOR decisions I've been thinking about over the course of the last few weeks, and man, is it stressful! I know that everything will work out in the end. I'm just trying to take things day by day instead of getting ahead of myself like I normally do.

I am so grateful for happy letters. Today I got a letter from Keir, and it DEFINITELY made me feel 10000 times better. Just when I'm losing faith in myself and others, someone comes along and restores it. If you know Keir, you know exactly what I mean. He is this wonderful, selfless person who gives everything he has to others! His everyday attitude towards life is so optimistic and he will make such a fabulous missionary, I am so proud of him and I am grateful for his presence in my life!
Day activity for MORP our sophomore year. Keir saved the day and asked ME to MORP:)
I'm thankful for the person I've become. I'm a hard worker and it definitely keeps paying off. When others are out having a life, I feel like I'm always stuck in my room studying or doing homework. It's paid off so far and I have straight A's through midterms. Sometimes I take this for granted, but I know that I've been blessed to be able to get such good grades and to work so hard.

I am grateful for JaKelle. She is SO amazing! Here on earth and in heaven, she has this wonderful ability to influence others in the most positive way! It's been 5 months since she left this earth to meet our Father in heavn and she is still making such a great impact on all of us. I am so thankful to have known her! I find myself thinking about her at the most random times and feeling such awe because of how amazing she is. She inspires me and changes me every single day. When I see comments that she left on some of my pictures on Facebook, I can't help but feel so blessed to have known such a wonderful and beautiful girl. I am forever thankful for JaKelle<3 

One of my favorite memories of JaKelle! So much fun, food and happiness!


Change is essential

It’s such a difficult thing for me.
I love routines, I love patterns, I love when things stay the same.
But change is essential.
It happens whether we like it or not.
I look at all the people that have come in and out of my life and it’s CRAZY!
People that I never thought I’d be friends with I was best friends with.
People I always thought I’d be best friends with I rarely even talk to now.
I look at all the fun memories and I realize that is all they are… just a memory, just a picture on Facebook.
Change makes me sad. 
I miss it. I miss all the laughs. I miss how simple it was to make friends in high school. I miss being around people I am familiar with.
My group of friends has changed so much since even just the start of sophomore year, and I met so many new wonderful people by the end of senior year.
I wish someone had told me not to worry so much about drama in high school.
Once you graduate, it’s over. You don’t have to see people you don’t want to.
If they had a good impression on you, you can see them as often as you like, which is so great!
Everyone is thrown into new schools, with new challenges, new friends, NEW NEW NEW.
I wish I hadn’t worried so much in high school.
 I feel like I wasted a TON of time trying to be there for people who didn’t want me there anyways.
It seriously makes me want to cry.
But I don’t regret anything!
Growing up just makes me realize that the people that stick around are the ones that want to be in your life.
Today, I got texts from 4 people who I rarely talk to.
I can’t tell you how happy it made me that they took the time out of their day to see how I was doing!
I love it. I love reminiscing. I love catching up. I love hearing about new things that happen.

But I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have that one person by your side, through thick and thin, through good and bad. Hunter Hoopes is my rock.
He keeps me stable, he keeps me grateful, he keeps me hopeful.
I can’t even explain how much he has helped me change, and grow into the type of person I want to be.
He is SO understand and so patient with me.
He listens to me when I cry, he listens to me rant and scream and complain.
Basically, he’s ALWAYS there for me.
I don’t regret the decisions I’ve made when it comes to him!
I am so glad I said yes when he asked me out.
I am so glad I stuck with him before we started dating.
We had a pretty rocky few months before he asked me out.
I was constantly confused and constantly hurting!
But it was SO worth it.
After the day he asked me out, everything changed!
Nothing was confusing, nothing hurt.
It was and has been pure bliss:)
Hunter has been my best friend for almost 2 years now, and let me tell you, it’s been the greatest time of my life.
I’ve learned not to care about what people say about us.
I don’t care about how difficult things can be.
I didn’t listen when people said that I shouldn’t be in a relationship with him.
And I am so grateful that I didn’t listen to those doubters.
We have seriously the BEST relationship.
We make a perfect pair.
He is my other half.
I adore his family too.
Whether they know it or not, I seriously love them all.
They make me feel so happy when I'm around them.
My heart melts when Hunter's youngest brother gives me a hug.
When his mom tells me she loves me, I can't help but feel so warm and happy inside!
I love all of his little baby cousins, they make me smile and appreciate life and happiness.
My family absolutely ADORES him too, but who wouldn't?
He's so perfect for me<3

And I’ve found a few friends that understand that.
They never ask me to decide between them and him and they understand how I feel .
It’s so refreshing to not have to try to be different or hide my feelings.
Since graduation, I have talked to so many different people who I never thought I’d be friends with.
This kind of change is GOOD.
It’s GREAT, actually.
I’ve met some wonderful people that have helped me in so many ways!
I want to cry because they are so great!
I love how supportive these new friends I have made are.
I miss my high school friends so much… and it’s sad how often I feel like they forget me.
And how often I feel like no matter how hard I try, it will just never be the same.
But I’m still determined to try.
The Lord has seriously blessed me! I have such wonderful people in my life.
I love all the growth I’ve experienced these past few months.
I’m focusing on me and bettering myself and it’s GREAT.
I don’t feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders anymore.
I’ve learned to be more accepting and let people make their own decisions.
I’ve learned to love sooo much.
I’ve learned to accept change!
I love my little sister, Ashley! I feel like we’ve gotten so much closer after I moved to college.
I love when I get to spend time with her shopping or watching the Chargers games.
I realize that my parents aren’t perfect, but they are my parents!
They have done so much for me and I truly am grateful.
Sometimes I can’t stand the fact that I moved away, but other times, I am so grateful I did.
My relationships with the people that matter have only gotten stronger!

College is a HUGE change.
 It’s one of the biggest changes I have ever had to go through.
And let me tell you, this adjustment has not been easy,
 it still isn’t! 
But each day, I learn to accept more, learn more, and grow more.
I can’t wait to see how much I grow as a person in the next few years!

This is just me rambling a lot about things that are on my mind.
I miss the older memories, but I'm excited to make new ones!
I am so grateful for all of the blessings the Lord has given me.
Thank you all for being part of my life!


16 months of happiness:)

Today marks 16 months of being with my best friend: Hunter<3
He visited me in Flagstaff yesterday in celebration of this wonderful day.
Let me tell you about this boy:
He is wonderful.
He is kind.
He is the most loving person I have ever met!
He is constantly making me a better person.
He is so full of surprises and always puts a smile on my face.
He is thoughtful, yet spontaneous, silly, and just PERFECT.
There is nobody else that I'd rather be with.
He is truly my best friend.
I can go to him about anything: friends, college, homework, I even complain to him when it's that time of the month...
He comforts me, listens to me, and gives me advice.
He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
You get the point, right?
He is absolutely amazing!
Let me just recap our AMAZING day filled with love, laughter, tears {happy ones} and pure perfection.

You could say we were a little excited...
It's been 2 weeks since I've last seen him.
(It doesn't sound like a long time but boy does it feel like it!)
I was just a LITTLE anxious to see him, I only texted him 7 times before he could even text me back once...
Well he finally got here around 2 o'clock and the happiness that I feel inside when I see him standing there is just magical:)

Ahh he is so cute, I just can't stand it!

We went to a yummy pizza place and stuffed our faces, we couldn't stop smiling the WHOLE day.

After that we went to this beautiful garden on campus that has tons of pretty sights!

 This is a gigantic tomato we found!
Don't let the size of this strawberry fool you! It was so delicious! We picked as many as we could fine and fed them to each other! (We are silly, I know)

We also find these sweet cherry tomatoes! We were quite the little gardeners;)
We went to get sushi for dinner! So delicious and I had the best company ever:)
Afterwards, it was FREEZING outside. 
I had a jacket on and I was still shivering.
Hunter says: "Yeah, it's pretty cold out here."
He takes his jacket out of his backpack and puts it over my shoulders. I almost died it was so sweet!
We held hands and walked back to campus, happily smiling.
We also had such amazing conversations about anything and everything! Not gonna lie, I cried. A lot. He is just such a sweet person and always lets me know what he's feeling! :)
He always makes sure that I know that he cares about me and I love it!
He also told me I wasn't normal... he said I was the most special and unique person he had ever met.
(Yes, he is the cutest. And yes, I am so lucky)
Well you get the point! He is amazing and I am so stinkin' happy!

Lastly, we exchanged little gifts for each other.
{Apparently great minds think alike}

I made him this! I just always wanted him to have a reminder of where he will be and all the wonderful things he will accomplish. He'll be able to have it in his room for the next 4 months until he leaves. I am so incredibly proud of him for going on a mission. I will miss him so dang much, but I know that he will do many great things!

He made me this! Our gifts went so well together. It is hanging up in my room for me to look at each and every day:)

Whether we are 100 or 10000 miles apart, he will always and forever be my best friend:)

Yesterday was wonderful, and I just can't stop smiling thinking about how lucky I am!
I am going to Mesa this weekend and will get to spend THREE WHOLE DAYS with him!

I am so happy. I am so lucky. I am so blessed.

Happy 16 months to my best friend!
We will have many more to come:)


I love love...

It's true.
I love love.
I love people who are in love.
Or in like.
Or just crushing on someone special.
I love weddings.
I love the celebration of being together forever!
I love looking at cute couples.
I love happiness.
I just love it!
Today I just felt like crying because I just love when couples are cute and people are happy.
(I am SUCH a girl, I know...)

My sister is getting married this summer and I am so happy for her!
Her engagement pictures are GORGEOUS!
I can't wait to get married...
But of course, I will!
I'm only 18 after all.

Well, Hunter is coming in TWO days!
I am so excited:)
2 weeks seems like such a long time,
but time has been going pretty fast.
On one hand, I want him to leave on his mission soon so he can come back sooner!
But at the same time, I don't want him to leave just yet...
I know I will spend so much time crying, but I am SO happy he gets to go to Brazil, and learn Portuguese and serve a mission!

I am so excited to spent Winter Break with him!
No work.
No school.
Just my best friend and I, every day!
Can't wait.

Speaking of Hunter, I LOVE his family.
His mom is so so great, I texted her a ton today.
She has such a kind heart, it's so great.
And his little brother told me he missed me yesterday,
I wanted to cry.
He has NO idea how much that means to me.
He probably never will, but I will remember it forever.

Back to the love thing, 
I love love.
All kinds of love.
Sisterly love.
Boyfriend/girlfriend love.
Baby love.

Speaking of babies... I LOVE THEM.
They are so cute.
I think I am going to volunteer at a school near NAU.
Either that, or I'm just going to have to steal someones baby...
Just kidding.
I would NEVER do that.
But they are really cute, just saying.

I'm missing a ton of my friends today.
I feel so distant and it makes me sad.
I also feel like it's SO hard to make friends in college...
I reallllly don't like it.

On a happy note, I talked to one of my good friends from high school who just got his mission call!
It was SO great to hear his voice and see how he has been.
I love him and I am so happy for him for all that he's doing,
He is such a great person!
Seriously, just an awesome funny kid.
His name is Jeremy and I miss him. :)

(I know this is just super random, but I just have a lot on my mind!)
I am going to go to Argentina next year!
I have an advising session tomorrow.
I plan to study abroad for a semester and finish my Spanish minor.
How exciting, right?!
I am BEYOND excited to go somewhere new and explore different cultures.
And I'm getting it:)
Hunter's not the only one who's going to experience new things!
It's a lot of money and most of my scholarships don't cover it,
but I definitely think it will be worth it.
I hope everything works out and I can go without being too much in debt!

Also, here's an update on this weird guy I met:
I never answer.
 I don't like him.
I'm happily taken.
Ewwwwh, leave me alone.
Lesson learned: never give your number to a guy who wants to "study" together, it is a lie. He is a creeper.
The end.

Also, PLEASEEE feel free to write me.
I have no idea who even looks at this page.
But I LOVE getting letters.
Just heart felt notes make my whole entire day!
My address is:
Erica Wu
Northern Arizona University
PO Box 8508
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

I will write you back, I promise:)

Alright, well that's all the random thoughts in my mind!
Have a wonderful & safe weekend<3


Happy, Stressed & Bruised

 Time has been flying by so fast, but slow at the same time!

Reasons why I am happy: 
1) I got 106 on my first college test. YES. I studied my butt off for hours and it definitely paid off for such a high grade. Thank goodness for extra credit! :)
2) I get to see Hunter in 5 days! I am always so excited to see him. It's been 2 very long weeks without him:( But we are going to have a blast!
3) I sent out three packages today! One to my lovely boyfriend. One to a friend who just got his mission call and one of my favorite little sophomores for her sweet sixteen:)I love giving gifts! They make me so happy. I know how excited I get when I get mail or letters or packages, and I hope they feel the same way. Also, if you want to write me, feel free to ask for my address. I love getting letters, pictures, anything! It's a wonderful reminder of my friends, family and home<3
4) I have THE best present ever for Hunter! I will post pictures of it later. I worked super hard on it and I think it turned out pretty good:) I spent soooo much money on crafts this week... :(
But I am just a happy camper lately!

Reasons why I am stressed:
Math test tomorrow.
Sociology test on Wednesday.
Spanish test next Monday.
Philosophy test that Wednesday.
Business test on Friday.

Are my teachers trying to kill me?!
 I think so. 
Lots of studying going on these next two weeks!

Reasons why I am bruised:
Today I am walking to dinner talking to Hunter on the phone and I see my room mates from afar. I tripped over the curb, and fell into a big area of sharp rocks. I have bruises and cuts on my knees (which were bleeding by the way...), and sore palms that are ready and scratched. Not only that, but two boys laughed at me... It was not enjoyable AT ALL. I also threw my phone while I fell and scratched it. WHYAMISOCLUMSY?! Oh well, I laughed it off and moved on, it just hurt. 
I also have a GIGANTIC bruise on my thigh. I have no idea where it came from, but it's been there for a week and now it's a pukish yellow color, and it's the size of a baseball. EWH. I just don't understand what happened or how it got there...

Well, that's pretty much it for now! :)
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Random daily thoughts

Here is just a list of things that have been running through my mind lately:

1. I WANT A CUTER BLOG! If anyone has any tips/advice on how to make my blog cuter, please share:) All the fancy shmanciness and cutesy wootsiness is definitely NOT my thing!

2. I really want to be crafty. I should go to Target and Michael's and buy cute crafty things to do in my down time (who am I kidding, I NEVER have down time...)

3. I am feeling a lot better! Could it be the poop colored juice I've been drinking? The vitamins I took today? Getting fresh air? I don't know, but I am certainly glad for whatever it is.

4. Hunter is so amazing! He just makes me laugh and makes me feel better always. 12 more days and I get to see him! 

5. One reason Hunter is awesome is because when boys hit on me, he never gets mad, he just laughs and says he would to because I am "just so cute".

6. That brings me to this statement, if another weird guy asks for my number, I will cry. Please stop. Read this blog and know that I have a wonderful boyfriend and am NOT interested in "hanging out". 4 times in 2 weeks is definitely a record for weird guys asking for my number. And I do not wish for that record to be broken. EVER AGAIN.

7. I have my first college test on Wednesday. I am SUPER scared, but at the same time I also feel extremely prepared. I got a 42/50 on my practice test and 4 of the questions I missed aren't things we need to know or were taught!

8. I had the worst sleep of my life ever. Jaelen, if you are reading this, GO TO BED! You are nocturnal, I swear. But I neeeeeed sleep at normal times!

9. I want to buy new, cute clothes. Wahhh:(

10. It's only Monday. Can it be Friday already? Sleeping in, short classes, and the weekend are on my mind!

:) That is all for now. I have a ton of random thoughts ALL THE TIME. Also, I got the best idea for Hunter's year and a half gift) EEEEEP, so exciteddd! 


Perfect Saturday

Okay, so I'm going to rant and rave about how wonderful Saturday was! (Magical? Yes indeed.)
P.S. I write so much about Hunter but I can't help it! I see him once every week or two, so when he comes I can't help but post about it! 
He really is the cutest!
He got here around 1:30pm and we walked around downtown flagstaff and ate yummy thai food!
Got delicious ice cream, went to bookstores, boutiques, cute shops in the area.
We went back to NAU and laid in the grass, giggling, laughing, and talking about anything/everything.
Then I, being the wonderful girlfriend I am, poured water on him TWICE. :) 
He chased me around, picked me up, swung me around in circles and  yeah, cute & cheesy, just the way I like it!

 We went to this yummy sushi bar and ordered SO much food.
Hunter, being the gentleman that he is, paid for the meal even though I insisted! (He also paid for lunch/ice cream/ everything)
We then went to get hot chocolate, but when we did, I got reallllyyyy tired. Without even asking, he threw me on his back and carried me. (He is darling!)
Drank yummy hot chocolate outside and looked at the stars that were SO bright last night.
Ahh, basically, I loved t:)
He truly makes me feel my happiest!
I'm pretty sure we didn't stop smiling the whole time.
When he left, I cried, I always do.
But I just LOVE when I do get to see him:)
Hopefully I'll get to see him again in 2 weeks and we can have tons of fun again!
Thinking about going swing dancing at this cute little diner next time! :) And I have the cutest gift idea planned out!

As for Sunday:
-Woke up with a runny nose.
As the day went on, I got worse.
-Feverish symptoms
-2 blood noses
-I used a whole box of tissues too:(

I just want to eat soup, take vitamins, and watched Tangled, but I don't have any of the 3 things listed.
Off to Target on Thursday.

On the bright side of things, the Chargers won AGAIN! 
2-0 Baby!
Loving this winning!
(I also spent 100 dollars to be able to watch the games on my ipad, I'm addicted, I know...)

My room mates and I went to get pizza for dinner!
9 slices, 18 wings and 6 cups of soda.
I was stufffffed.

Anyways, I hope I get better really fast! I have tons of tests coming up.

*I am so grateful for my best friend Hunter and the happiness that he brings me!  :)



So it seems as though the common thing to teach about in all my classes is ETHICS.
In business, we talk about ethics.
In philosophy, we talk about ethics.
In sociology, we talk about ethics.

In all of these classes the final outcome is everyone has different standards for themselves and everyone thinks differently.

Little did I know, today I would be faced with a kind-of moralistic/ethical issue.

I'm not going to give too much details out, but someone in one of my classes wanted me to sign him in on the attendance day. He said he wanted to sleep in today instead of go to class.
Doesn't seem like that big of a deal, right?
I felt SO bad/confused all morning!
Should I? We are friends after all. He saves me a seat every day. I can do him this one favor...
If he wants to sleep in, then why should he get the points for "being there"?
I have to get my butt all the way over there every day and so do 400+ kids. I don't have the luxury of getting points I didn't earn.
 I'd be lying, in writing.

[I have a really guilty conscience by the way...]

So instead, I told him to just come to class. We learn new information every day and we have a test next week. Just come!
He says it's not a big deal, just sign him in.
I tell him that I won't.
He texts back and says a friend will.
During class, I see him sitting in the room!
He had come to class after all. 
He didn't have someone sign him in. He came to class!
Boy, was I happy.
I felt like I had done a good thing.
I didn't lie and say he was there.
He is more prepared for his test.
It was a win/win situation.
And I felt GOOD.

Maybe all of this talk about ethics is paying off? :)

(P.S. I was worried he would be mad and think I was weird and I would lose my only friend in that class, but he didn't! Instead, he asked if I wanted to work together on our study guide!)

Now, this may not seem like a huge deal, but to me it was!
If I can make good decisions when it comes to little things like points in class, I can certainly make good judgments when bigger things come along! 
Yay for sticking to my gut.

Also, Hunter comes up tomorrow! I am so excited. I'm pretty sure I get more excited to see him each time:)


Hunter's mission call and other random events! :)

It was so very exciting/emotional/exhausting.
Here's the story.
On Friday, Hunter calls me and says "It came today".
My heart pretty much stopped beating.
How was I going to get down there?
Where is he going?
When does he leave?
So many questions came to mind!
After we got off the phone, I bawled.
Cried and cried.
I just couldn't help it!
The fact that Hunter could be gone in a month scared me.
I'm not ready for him to leave.
And I REALLY wanted to be there when he opened it.
(I've never been super close to someone that has gone on a mission so it's definitely a new experience for me!)
I was totally freaking out about how I was going to get there.
Hunter talked to his parents and GUESS WHAT! 
His dad paid for a shuttle that leaves in 25 minutes.
I got home, packed, and I was on my way back to Mesa!
I got there around 8 and Hunter picked me up.
As soon as I saw him, I cried. Again.
And I didn't stop until we were at his house!
All of his family came over and everyone was so excited.
I just kept thinking: Hunter is LEAVING!
 Why is everyone so happy? 
I found out after he opened his mission call.
I was SOOO excited for him and I didn't think I could be.
The thought of Hunter seeing the world, made me happy.
The thought of Hunter helping people, made me happy.
The thought of Hunter learning a new language, made me happy.
The thought of Hunter growing up, exploring, finding himself, made me SO happy!
Basically, I just couldn't be sad anymore.
I was so happy. It is SO great that Hunter is going on a mission.
He is doing the best possible thing he can do with his time,
how could I not be happy for him?
I am going to miss him more than anything!
But knowing he is out there for the right reasons makes it all worth it.
Some sad things though:
It takes TWO weeks to send something there! :(
And it's 50 dollars to send a package!
We get to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday and New Years together! I can't wait for Winter Break when I'm down in Mesa for a month! YAYY:)
It was a wonderful night filled with lots of excitement, happiness, his family, and love. 
(One of his grandmas also told me that she hopes we make it through the two years because she loves me and thinks I'm cute! Definitely made me happy!)
Here is a picture of my soon to be missionary!
(Isn't he so cute?) :)
Anyways, congrats to my best friend! 
While I was down there, we also went shopping! Hello cute new shirts for my boy:) He took me out to Cheesecake factory too! 
Here's his stinkin' cute new polo and a new dress for meee:)
I was also inspired by Pinterest to make this!
A letter for each day of the week until I get to see him again! I always want him to have something to look forward to.
Monday: I wrote a paragraph in Spanish that he has to translate.
Tuesday: A crossword with things that remind me of him.
Wednesday: COMING SOON (He hasn't opened it yet!)
Thursday: (He hasn't opened it yet!)
Friday: (He hasn't opened it yet!)
Saturday: (He hasn't opened it yet!)
 Other random things of last week/this week!
My boys beat the Raiders! What a great start to my week.
Monday Night Football and Philip Rivers<3
Last week, my roomates and I watched the Lucky One! 

 And lastly, one math problem took me over an hour! 

  Well, thats the end of this post! I'm totally jealous of other girls cute blogs. But whatever:)I'll learn eventually... I hope... maybe.

*Today I am grateful for the rain! It's so refreshing and wonderful:)
Also, I biked a mile and half and I was on the elliptical for half a mile! It's definitely a start.
No freshman 15 for meeee!