It's been a while!

Two years actually!
LOTS of things have happened. Some of the big things are: we moved to Kansas City, Missouri so Hunter could attend medical school! And I'm pregnant! Almost 14 weeks. We're SO excited! Due October 22nd :)

We've had lots of great experiences since moving. We've made some really awesome friends that have made living so far from family a lot easier! I worked at an elementary school for 7 months and I grew to love a couple hundred kiddos! I now work as a recruiter in downtown KC and it's been great!

Hunter is killing it in school and loving (almost) every second of it! He has learned so much and his hard work and dedication amaze me. He's been super supportive and wonderful since finding out about the little lemon inside me!

It's been forever but I'm really mostly wanting to document pregnancy and this little babe! So many little details that I don't want to forget!


happilyeverhoopes: month 9, 10, 11

I am so behind on everything! It's been so crazy busy. I've been doing TONS of photoshoots (meaning lots of late nights editing). It's been a blast and I've been so blessed with the best clients!

Here are some February events:


1) SuperBowl party
We went over to Hunter's parents house for a fun little party! We made a ton of food, and watched the Patriots claw their way back. Super exciting! We were all freaking out.

2) Valentine's Day
I decided to take the Monday before Valentine's Day off. I never really take additional days off, but it was great to have a 3 day weekend! We went to Dave and Busters and played games on a Monday during the day. It was empty and we got to plays TONS of games. It was sooo much fun! Definitely something we would do again. On actual Valentine's Day, we decided not to do big gifts (because if I'm left loose, I'll go crazy buying things). Hunter surprised me anyways with flowers, cheese and bread, and a sweet card. I got him a QT giftcard! We went to a Korean BBQ place for dinner. It was delicious :) We had a wonderful first Valentine's day married!

3) A Day Downtown
We spent an afternoon walking around Downtown Mesa since I was going to do a shoot down there. The weather was great and Hunter was cracking me up with his paparazzi attitude.

4) Stolen Car
Most hilarious story ever. I had an extended family shoot so Hunter was going to help me out! Carrying stuff, posing, etc. Well he calls me and says his car was STOLEN! It's not in the parking lot. He had been home all day but hadn't gone out yet. We both started freaking out. He called the police, I got on the phone with the insurance company to see if that is something that's covered. I was already stressing out about cancelling out vacation. He calls his dad, and his dad says "Have you checked our driveway?" We both totally forgot that we had carpooled and left his car at his parents. It was really funny! We still make jokes and laugh about it to this day.

March Happenings:


1) CABO trip!
We planned a Spring Break trip to get away from life! We wanted something close and somewhat inexpensive since we are planning to go out of the country over the summer. We talked to his parents and they stayed at a hotel in Cabo that was nice. We did some research and decided we would go there. It was an all-inclusive resort (unlimited food?! that's our jam!) It was sooo much fun! We flew down to the Cabo airport, and took a shuttle to the hotel. We had soo much good food (mainly fish tacos), and so many pina colada smoothies. We don't drink alcohol, but still enjoyed the open bar. We decided to do horseback riding since it was only 20 bucks each. That was an adventure. Hunter is a pro! He's a natural cowboy... I struggled a ton. I ended up reading a few books on the beach. We laid out in the sun and tanned by the pool.

2) Conference Weekend
General Conference is always one of the best weekends of the year! We get to hear from our prophets. I love snuggling up with Hunter, taking notes, eating yummy snacks, and being spiritually uplifted. I always feel such a strong desire to be better. We watched some of it at our house, and the rest at Hunter's grandparents with his family. I love it! Here's the link if you want to check it out. They have the videos and text available on the site.


-Hunter's switch
-Sister came to visit
-Yummy breakfast
-Baseball game

(I am too lazy to go back to see what we did and post pics... oops. Maybe I'll be better at this moving forward??)


happilyeverhoopes: month 8

New year! Woo! We had so much fun for Christmas. The New Year always feels really fresh, and then a week later it's overwhelming. At least Hunter feels that way because school starts. Nothing too crazy happened this month, so here are some fun things we've done!

1) Found a new Korean BBQ place!
 We loveeee Asian food, and we really love Korean food. We found a new place called Gogi in Chandler. It was delicious and we were stuffed by the end of it. If you haven't ever tried Korean food, you need to go! I am happy to make recommendations :)

2) Went bowling at Fat Cats
On one of the Saturday's we decided to go bowling! We actually like going bowling, and I specifically like it because I win a lot ;) I won again, and we had a lot of fun!

3) Made fresh-squeezed orange juice
This was so fun! We have a little tree right in front of our house, it was full and happy, so we decided to pick a few and make orange juice before church one day. It was delicious! It took a bunch of oranges to make 2 glasses, but it was sooo sweet, and pure tasting. We had a lot of fun using our juicer we got for our wedding!

And honestly, that was about it! We had a quiet month. Hunter started school again and he has a tough semester ahead, so that'll be fun. :)